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07/28/10 09:48 AM #1    


Demaris Humphries (Miller)

Welcome to the Grady High School Class Of 1961 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/15/17 03:20 PM #2    


B. J. -Betty Rutland (Stapleford)


Hello, All! 

It's great to hear about the lives and activities of folks in our class, although

I am usually just a lurker. Would love to come to another reunion  but know

it is a lot of work. We are still enjoying California but would also look forward to catching up.


            Betty (B-J) 💜 











08/08/17 12:39 PM #3    

Bailey Smith (Barash)

It was great to see everyone on August 5 in Atlanta.    I really enjoyed catching up and celebrating our lives up to this point.  Keep on moving, living, seeking, listening.  It's now or never.


06/26/20 03:42 PM #4    

Bailey Smith (Barash)

Hi Everyone, 

I hope everyone is staying well and strong in these uncertain times.  Please wear a mask when you leave the house and take all the necessary precautions to keep  you and your loved ones healthy.

And if you've had COVID-19, I hope your recovery has gone smoothly and you are healing.

05/16/21 10:48 PM #5    


B. J. -Betty Rutland (Stapleford)

Hello, All!

 It is great to hear that others have gotten vaccinated. I got my first shot in late January and the second 3 weeks later. And Tom got his a little earlier. It is good to know that being this old has some dividends. Most of the stores and other business places in Southern California still require masks, but we are beginning to feel a little less cautious. Still living most of my life on Zoom, but that has been great for our family, every two weeks seeing our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids online. We haven't seen very many of them since January of 2020. But this summer we are getting together at the Delaware beach for a week, as we have done for the last 30+ years.

I wish you all a wonderful summer and the opportunity to hug those you love and care about.


                                       Betty (B-J)



09/09/21 08:46 PM #6    

Roni Hanson (Melmed)

Looks like the reunion is a go, which is very exciting! CA is very strict about Covid testing and vaccinations, will there be such a requirement to attend the reunion. Just asking...

RONI (hanson) Melmed

09/10/21 08:05 AM #7    


Demaris Humphries (Miller)

Great News!

I plan to be there Saturday evening.  Jim and I have not decided whether to fly or drive.

We already have plans to be at Disney World to celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary in December, but a reunion with Grady friends is not to be missed.


09/11/21 12:27 PM #8    


B. J. -Betty Rutland (Stapleford)

Hi, I am looking forward to being at our 60th.reunion!
Hugs, Betty (B-J) 💜





09/14/21 10:40 PM #9    


Mary Lou Ezell

So glad that we having our 60th Grady High School Reunion!!  I plan to be there on Friday & Saturday and by  that time I will have received by 3rd covid shot ( the booster)!!  See you all there.  Mary Lou Ezell







09/19/21 07:36 PM #10    


James Johnson

We will be there Friday and Saturday

Jimmy & Pat Johnson

09/20/21 11:25 AM #11    


Arthur Phrydas

We will attend Friday and Saturday. Arthur and Becky Phrydas


09/21/21 07:55 AM #12    

Charlotte Glazer (Baer)

Mike and I plan to be there Friday and Saturday. We will have just returned from visiting our new granddaughter in California! So what if we are old to be having a new grandchild?

We look forward to seeing everybody! It's been too long!

Charlotte Glazer Baer

09/22/21 02:07 PM #13    


Elaine Petrakos (Tissura)

Manuel and I plan to attend the 60th Reunion on Saturday evening.

Looking forward to seeing everyone! 

Elaine Petrakos Tissura

09/27/21 10:07 AM #14    

Mac McConnell

Eleanor and I plan on attending the 60th reunion on Saturday night.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.


09/28/21 09:39 AM #15    


Nick Billirakis




How many can you name .??, good ole S.N.Inman.....

Geraldine P,Murray S, Charles T.,Hilton D.,Tommy S.,ArleneS, Herky H.

10/03/21 10:08 AM #16    


Nancy Arnold (Reardon)


Nancy (Arnold) Reardon)1961

I plan to attend our 60th reunion on Saturday night with husband Dave in tow. Can't wait see y'all (everybody) to reminisce about the days gone by! Can't Wait!




10/06/21 04:23 PM #17    


Marilyn Berry (Wankat)

Marilyn Berry (now Marilyn Wankat) and husband Allen will attend the 60th reunion, both days!  We will stay at the Westin Hotel with the group.  

10/07/21 10:18 PM #18    


Jerry Connor (Connor)

I will attend Sat. evening. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

10/11/21 10:35 AM #19    


Becky Goings (Mallard)

Look forward to the 60th reunion.  Can't wait to see all.  

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