A low key reunion 11-5&6-2021: Friday night at the bar in the Westin Hotel in Sandy Springs Ga and Saturday night at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant in Chamblee.

Most of us acted like Covid hasn't happened, which I hope in retrospect will not bite us :-(

Many, many thanks to Becky Goings Mallard for Organizing and Photos. If anybody else has photos, I will gladly put them on this page ... email them to me at jsstephens@yahoo.com.


Friday Night

Seated: Mary Lou Ezell, Becky Goings Mallard, Nancy White Lane, Allen Wankat

Standing: Cris Hope Oliver, Herky Harris, Mike Baer, Charlotte Glazer Baer, Connie Brown Murphy, Ed Murphy, Marilyn Berry Wankat, Stanley Yerlow, Chris Reynolds, Arthur and Betty Phrydas



Saturday Night

^^First Row (seated): Lindsay Leitch Hughes, Ellen Nauman Hayden, Rosemary McKay Beall, Demaris Humphries Miller, Nicky Jordan, Nancy Arnold Reardon

Second Row: Michael Baer, Charlotte Glazer Baer, Elaine Petrakos Tissura, Mary Lou  Ezell, Susan Christopher Tutt, Connie Brown Murphy, Peggy  and Bubba Stevens. Cris Hope Oliver, Mariyn Berry Wankat, Nancy White Lane, Becky Goings Mallard

Back row: John Steele, Jerry Palmer Conner, John Stephens, Hilton Dickerson, Herky Harris, Jim Miller, Charles Tutt, Chris Reynolds, Dave Reaedon, Allen Wankat


^^ Jerry Palmer Conner,  Arthur and Betty Phrydas, Elaine Petrakos and Manuel Tissura


^^Jim Miller, Michael Baer, Charlotte Glazer Baer, Demaris Humphries Miller, Lindsay Leitch Hughes


^^ Becky Goings Mallard, Connie Brown Murphy, Hilton Dickerson, Linda Wiant Reynolds, Chris Reynolds


^^ Ray Bubba Stevens, Nancy Arnold Reardon, Peggy Stevens, Nicky Jordan, John Steele


Rosemary McKay Beall, Joan Harris (Herky's bride), Cris Hope Oliver