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Craig Bruner

Craig Bruner passed away early this morning (Feb 14) at his home near Beaufort, SC   Keep his wife, our classmate, Mareen (ne Campbell) in your heart. 

Email Announcement from Marene...

The Bruner family regrets to announce the passing of our Chief, Thomas “Craig” in the early hours of February 14, 2021.He was the eldest son of Thomas and Jean, deceased, Bruner. Craig was married to his high school sweetheart for 55 years, Marene Campbell Bruner.

Craig was the father to Thomas “Carlton” Bruner and Bethany Bruner Griffin, married to William “Bill” Thomas Griffin. His four grandchildren, Cohen and Skylar Bruner and Campbell and Clark Griffin adored him and loved spending time with him.

In remembrance of Craig, please change lightbulbs when they go out and turn off lights when you leave a room. 

In lieu of flowers, please we ask for donations to 

The Friends of Hunting Island

PO Box 844

St. Helena Island, SC 29920


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02/17/21 04:16 PM #1    

Chris Reynolds

I was shocked when I learned that Craig had passed away.  When Lindsay posted the Photo of her, Marene and Craig with title "three cancer survivors", I thought Craig was getting much better.

Craig was one of my closet friends growing up.  We were not only Classmates at Spring Street School but lived on the same Street, Flagler Avenue.  We played together all the time: playing war, building caves in the banks along the railroad tracks on his side of the Street, playing on the Ansley Golf Gourse, walking the railroad tracks, finding golf balls, exploring the creek from the Golf Course along the Expressway & from Piedmont Park to the Golf Course, crawling through the sewers.  The best and worst play was the "crab apple fights".  There would be two teams and each would attack the other by throwing crab apples and trying to hit other team.  The best fun was having Craig on your side - he could throw fast, hard and accurately.  Obviously, the worse was not being on his side.  Craig had two Brothers, Bobby and Johnny.  Bobby was the middle in age.  Bobby had a bad habit of picking on Johnny and Craig was very protective of Johnny, so there was always an interaction when Bobby and Johnny were together. Craig's Dad, Tom, had a terrific way of calling his sons whenever he wanted them to come come.  He could whistle very loudly.  When he did, his Sons knew to leave for home "right then".  He knew how long it should take them to get home and they had better make on time.  We were in Cub Scouts together, Pack 26/Den 4, as I recall.  His Mom, Jean, always had neat craft ideas, which she would teach us to make.

We were usually in the same Grade Class at Spring Street.  The favorite recess game was "coed bat ball".  It was similar to baseball, but you hit soccor ball with you hand.  Again, Craig was one of "two key players".  Tommy Hughes could hit the ball higher and further than anyone else.  Craig, as in the crab apple fights, could also throw the soccor ball fast, hard and accurately.  If you were hit before you got on base, you were out.  Somehow Craig and Tommy seemed to always be on the same team, so their team usually won.  We used to do School Yardwork together for Mrs. McClain, who was a 5th Grade Teacher and in charge of landscaping.  We also did Yardwork for Mrs. Douglas, the Principal, and she paid us.  I remember that at one school carnival, Craig and I were Siamese Twins in a side show.  When we graduated 7th Grade, Mrs. Bruner designed a Diploma for both Classes, which I still have.

When we got to Grady, our friendship somewhat changed , but we still did alot of activities together.  In the 8th and 9th Grade, we would walk home from School along the railroad track.  Chuck English and sometimes Jim Nesbitt would be with us.  When we reached the 10th Grade, we each joined different Social Clubs.  Craig became a Count and I became a Shield.  The most significant event during this time was getting you Learner's Driving License.  My father had trouble trying to teach me and offered to pay Craig, who had learned to drive early and had his Learner's, if he would teach me to drive. He accepted the offer and taught me how to drive. 

Craig was a great guy and friend.  I'm just sorry that I didn't take the opportunity to "reconnect" especially in the last 2.5 years that we've had a vacation house on Tybee Island and he and Marene were just a few miles away in Beaufort, SC.  I always told myself that I would call and go over and visit "next time" were were at Tybee, but I kept putting it off.  Now, because of my procrastination, regretfully, I lost my chance to see Craig.

02/18/21 10:27 AM #2    

Charlotte Glazer (Baer)

Thanks to Chris for posting about Craig and Spring Street School. I've been thinking about those long ago days ever since I heard aout Craig and I especially enjoyed the memories of co-ed bat ball, even though I was on the opposite end of the skill spectrum, always chosen last to play. Those games were still fun!

Let's hope we can all get together soon. Chris reminds us that we shouldn't wait too long for "next time."

Charlotte Glazer Baer

02/18/21 02:07 PM #3    

Jean Brown (Peterson)

Yes, Thanks to Chris  and Charlotte for the Spring Street School memories.

My first memories of Craig actually go back further.  We were both in the same "class" at Miss Ginn's Nursery School. ( I have the picture somewhere)  My mother and Craig's mother were friends.  I havent had  contact with him for years, but ALWAYS have held a warm and comfortable place for him in my life.    Jeannie

02/18/21 06:50 PM #4    

Lydia Fisher (Sweatt)

Ansley Park and Spring St School were good jumping off places for many of us. Good times when we could play and be active outside as Chris reminisces. Thanks for sharing your memories of good growing ups. As we are up in Appalachian Mountains, near Tricities area, let us know when you may cruise our way. Love to Marene and all. 

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