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Facebook Group Exclusivity (yes or no?)

HISTORY:  We launched our FB Group in January of 2012.  For the first five months, we only allowed Morehouse Brothers to join.  After a our May-2012 reunion and a few requests from our classmates from Spelman College, we made an adjustment and opened up our group to them---they loved it and several have joined. 

QUESTION:  Would you like to keep our group open to Spelman Alumnae or return to the original policy of exclusivity only for our Morehouse Brothers?

Note 1.0:  Spelman 1992 also has a FB group.  During this time, Spelman has maintained their exclusivitiy of their FB group (only allowing Spelman Alumnae to join---no Morehouse Men).  No judgement (and no shade) at all---merely sharing the accurate info in full disclosure.

Note 2.0:  If we return to being only for Morehouse Brothers, we can easily create a NEW group (separate) that is a joint/shared environment (e.g., "Morehouse & Spelman 1992 Reunion" group).  That could be a possible solution/option----allowing us to have a platform for us to share and communicate.


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1)   Should our Private "Morehouse 1992" FB Group be EXCLUSIVE to Morehouse Men OR allow Spelman Alumnae to be members?