In Memory
Posted Thursday, March 31, 2016 07:35 AM

I've only recently come back in to our website, and as I read through the In Memory list, it has just gone deep into my heart just how important it is that each of us truly count our blessings for every day that God has granted us, and that we should always continue to keep our classmate connection alive. I know Life has a way at times of pulling us in so many directions, myself included, and yet each time I re-connect with you all, I become so filled with fond memories of our younger days and it just touches a special place in my spirit. I wish each of you God's richest blessings, peace, health, and unconditional love. Many of you have kept strong bonds of friendships together over the years and that is a testimony of just how awesome we as classmates can remain united. I look forward to seeing you all in years to come. Love Jack