55th Reunion Survey

Classmates- Once you fill out and submit this survey you'll be able to come back and make changes, if you like, and also read what other classmates submitted. Your submissions will also be visible to them.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out and help make our 55th a great success.

Be sure to hit "Submit" at the end of this survey.


-Jim Minor


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1)   Are you interested in attending a 55th Reunion of BHS Class of 1961?

Yes No
2)   Would you prefer a single event or multiple events over a weekend?

3)   Would you like a sit-down dinner at a nice restaurant?

Yes No
4)   Would you like more time for informal chatting before and after a meal, or would you prefer an organized program?

  Informal Chatting
  Organized Program
5)   Would you like an informal gathering, such as a picnic or pizza party?

Yes No
6)   Would you like a more organized ending to the reunion, i.e. an opportunity to say “goodbye” to fellow classmates?

Yes No
7)   If staying in a hotel, would you like contact with classmates staying at the same hotel, or be left alone to relax?

  Want Contact
  Left Alone
  Not Applicable
8)   What time of year would you prefer to celebrate our 55th? Check all that apply.

9)   Please share what it would take to either cross the street or cross the country in order to get together with your fellow classmates and celebrate our 55th High School graduation.

10)   Other Comments...