Committee Minutes

Looking for Planning Committee Members for the 2014 reunion.  Please email if you would like to be involved.

February 5, 2014

The reunion committee meeting took place on February 5th at Thursdays. In attendance: Shelly Reznik, Kim Wolf, Brenda Pickard, Leahrae Owens, Ken Mihalik, Ron Ference and Joe Gradwell.

We put our heads together for several hours developing pros and cons and making lists of what needed to be done; whether it be a family picnic or an adult gathering, whether it be in the spring or summer or fall, whether we had enough help to pull off a picnic or did we want to go to a location that does most of the work for you and we threw around the ideal cost per person.

Our main goal is to continue the fun and the closeness of our class that came from the last reunion. For those of you who were at the last reunion I am sure you can all agree that we really didn't want the last reunion to end. Our goal is to not try to top that event but continue the atmosphere and camaraderie that came from that event. With that goal in mind, we threw around several ideas and are waiting to hear if our ideas can become a possibility....I am going to leave you hanging on this one until we have a confirmation so stay tuned and dont get your heart set on a picnic on May 24th.....we may be changing our minds....

The next committee meeting is set for Wednesday March 5th at Thursdays Restaurant at 7 pm. We would love for anyone to join us to make this event awesome. Let me know if you would like to help out.


November 6th, 2009

The reunion committee met on Nov 6th 7pm at Jeffries Landing.  In attendance was Shelly Reznik, Brenda Pickard, Kim Wolf, Leahrae Owens, Ron Ferrence, Paula Brooks, Brooke Monit, Bill Bain and Jim Hanshaw.

We reviewed the budget with current rsvps and adjusted to expected rsvps.  We figured we had extra money to buy some appetizers for the Saturday event.

We reviewed the directory...what a great job Kim has done creating it and Leahrae and Jim did selling ads....they sold over $1000.00 in ads to help with reunion costs!

We talked about the Friday night reunion event and decided to take one tour to start at 7pm...meeting at the Bell Tower entrance.  Thanks to Leahrae's sister for stepping up and helping us out.  We talked about getting Starbucks gift cards for the officers that help us out with the tour to show our appreciation.  We plan on having over 60 people on friday.....should be a great time.

We talked about the details of the silent auction...there are some great prizes to bid on.  I will send out an email detailing the items so classmates bring their checkbook..

We have a photographer...Christopher Perry to take a group picture..I will meet with him next week at Jeffries so he can see how he is to photograph such a large group.

Paula and Brenda gave a report on the bank account activity.  Checks received were given to Brenda and Paula for deposit into our account.

We talked about the order of events for Saturday and completed the DJ questionnaire. 

We divided tasks to conquer.

We are all looking forward to the events we have planned and hope that you are too.  Meeting was adjourned around 10 pm.  See you all there!

September 18th, 2009

The reunion committee met on Sept 18th, 2009 7 pm at Thursdays.  In attendance was Shelly Reznik, Brenda Pickard, Kim Wolf, Leahrae Owens, Ron Ferrence, Paula Brooks and Brooke Monit.

We reviewed the invitations that have been sent out except for a few that needed address labels changed.  Thanks to Kim Wolf for all the hard work that went into designing and producing the invitations and labels.

We discussed our advertising fundraiser and applauded Leahrae on all her hard work getting donations and recognized those that have already contributed.  The directory is going to be the next item of business to tackle with in the next month.  Kim is starting the designing process.

We talked about the Friday night pre reunion event.  We will decide on the types of appetizers to get once we determine how much surplus money we will have with our fundraiser.  We may also get appetizers at the Saturday night reunion depending on the money surplus.

We reviewed our budget.   Checks received for donations and advertising were given to Paula Brooks for deposit into our account.

We reviewed the suggestions and preference form for  Scott Miser and talked about 1989 trivia was fun to take a stroll down memory lane.

We are looking into getting a photographer to take a group picture Saturday night for purchase.

We will plan on the next meeting sometime the end of October or beginning of the mean time, we will be working on fundraising advertisement and directory designing/producing.  We will be mailing the last of the invitations and looking forward to getting the RSVPs returned.

The meeting was adjourned around 10 pm and we had such a nice time talking about the old times...we are all looking forward to the reunion and hope that you are too!

May 29, 2009

The reunion committee met on May 29th at 7 p.m. at Kelly's Riverside Saloon.  In attendance was Shelly Reznik, Brenda Pickard, Kim Wolf, Jim Hanshaw, Ron Ferrence, Erin Regney, Leahrae Owens and Bill Bain.

We discussed a prereunion party on Friday, November 27th with a possible tour of the high school and then meeting at a local establishment.  Bill Bain will talk to the superintendent/principal of schools about the tour and Leahrae has a connection with the senior class officers helping us out as well.. with it being a holiday weekend we need to find out if it is an option to open the school for a tour but we thought it would be nice to head back to the old  stomping grounds for a bit.  After the tour, we are looking into a meeting place.  Because it is a holiday weekend, everyplace is going to be nuts.  Leahrae is going to check into Thursdays and/or Tinitique and see what they have to offer.

We discussed invitations. Kim Wolf presented a bid from Beaver Valley Labor News of $154 for 250 invitations.  We decided to have them printed rather than do them ourselves because it will actually be about the same cost if not cheaper.  We plan to get bids from other places too but feel that bid is reasonable.  I already got the stamps before the price went up in May to save a few cents.

We also talked about having a fundraiser to try to keep costs lower.  We decided to solicit advertising for our alumni directory.  This is a great opportunity for ourselves, our friends, our employers and family to showcase  businesses.  Leahrae is working on the order form.  The cost will be pretty reasonable...we are thinking about $25 for 1/4 page (business card size), $45 for 1/2 page and $75 for full page.  Please ask around for advertisers.  This is going to be our main fundraiser.  We also need to find a graphic designer or at least someone who know how to put the directory together.  If you have those talents or know someone who does and will do for cheap then let us know.  Leahrae is going to ask Cassie Brkich to see if she is willing and to see what her cost will be.

We looked at several types of name tags and decided on the pin type.  We will have some lanyard type name tags available if you are concerned with putting a pin in your clothing.

We talked about dress again and decided to set the dress as whatever you feel comfortable in.  We don't care what you are wearing, we just want you to come.

We debated about the ticket cost and couldn't come to an agreement.  We anticipate the total cost to be between $50-60 dollars per person.  We decided to wait until our next meeting and see how much we can make with our fundraiser.  So everyone, please sell, sell, sell!  The more advertisers, the less it will cost per person.  Let me know if you or someone you know are willing to advertise.

We decided to have another meeting in July and plan to get the invitations out and directory finalized in September.  If you would like to attend let me know.  Everyone is more than welcome to join in at any time.

Meeting was adjourned sometime after midnight and it was a great time yet again.


 March 7, 2009

The reunion committee met on March 7th at 7 pm at Jeffries Landing.  In attendance was Shelly Reznik, Brenda Pickard, Paula Brooks, Kim Wolf, Jim Hanshaw, Paula Baker, Ron Ferrence, Stacey Rainey, Mike Suica and Brooke Monit. 

The reunion is scheduled for Saturday, November 28th.  Times were discussed and slated for 5p-6p mingling, 6p-7p dinner, 7p-10p dancing and fun.  An informal get together at a local bar on Friday, November 27th was discussed and will be discussed in better detail at the next meeting.

We met with the banquet coordinator and reviewed the menu.  According to the survey results the buffet won by 61% and open bar won by 63%.  The buffet items chosen were tossed salad, wedding soup, vegetable medley, penne marinera, red skinned potatoes, chicken marsala and prime rib carving station.  The 4 hour open bar with 3 types of bottled beer, house wines and house liquors were chosen and we also added on 5 hours of softdrinks, coffee and tea.  We plan on getting a cake (since we are noted for being "cake eaters"!).  The linens will be white table cloths with maroon and grey napkins and we will use the centerpieces that are offered by the banquet hall to keep costs low.  If we are under 150 people in attendance then we have to pay $10 per person under the minimum as a room charge.  We need to leave room in the budget for that but hope to have over 150.  So, to help out the budget please indicate your desire to come to the reunion by registering on the 20 year reunion link on the column on the left at the Home Page.

We set the attire as "casual" need for a prom gown.

We discussed opening up a bank account if we don't already have one for our class (I will get in touch with Karin Gifford to find out).  Paula Brooks being head of the Beaver County Girl Scouts and very involved with Regatta finances was voted to be in charge of the account and is going to open a free checking account for the Class of 1989 at a local bank with Brenda Pickard as the second signature.  If there is any money left over after this reunion then we can leave it in the account for the next reunion to pay for the deposits. (Thank you to Brenda and Paula!)

We also discussed invitations and Kim Wolf volunteered to head that task as she is the most computer savvy of the bunch.  She will have samples ready for the next meeting....We intend to keep the cost low but the cost will involve stationary and stamps.  We intend to have RSVP's due by November 1st and plan to get the invitaions out in September.  We are still missing addresses.  So, if you have not put your address on the profile then please do so.  We don't want to waste postage and resources.

Kim Wolf has also been granted administrative access to the website.

We discussed name tags and will be pricing them to see what we can do.  We discussed putting the yearbook picture and printed name on the name tag.  Kim Wolf has offered to look into this as well.  Thanks Kim!

We reviewed the missing classmates list and discussed how to find them....our goal is the try to reach everyone.

We talked about fundraising but decided not to have a fundraiser.  We anticipate the cost to be $50-$60 per person and will know the actual price as the time gets closer and our budget gets finalized.  We are really trying to keep the costs as low as possible.

We decided not to have a photographer but to try to get everyone together at some point to take a picture.

We decided to pay tribute to our deceased classmates by having a memorial table with candles lit that night in their honor.  Shelly is in charge of the candles and roses. 

We decided to have a classmate directory printed up to be given out at the reunion. 

We talked about possibly having a video played with old pictures.  Bill Fabanich has said he would try to get that together..Thanks Bill!

Scott Miser will be our DJ.  His charge will be factored into the total cost per person.

We will have some door prizes but no crazy games.  We talked about doing a 50/50 that night to help pay for continuing the website and to pad our bank account for the next reunion.

We decided to have another meeting in June.  If you would like to attend let me know.  Everyone is more than welcome to join in.

Meeting was adjourned after more than enough alcohol!  It was great to see everyone!