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02/03/21 05:50 PM #53    

Ed McElhiney

Thanks Beverly and Frank good to know that some areas are running smoothly I am still in Cuyahoga county and from what I read on the internet we are behind schedule. My wife and I are signed up at a Discount Drug Mart in Westlake. I hope everything goes well for both of your upcoming vaccinations. Thanks for replying take care.


02/03/21 05:55 PM #54    

Bob Richardson

Margie, so sorry you had covid. Hope you're back to 110% And your son is doing well!



02/03/21 06:55 PM #55    


Romn Paras

Hi Ed:  Well I caught the COVID out here and it kicked my butt for about a week.  Feeling great now and back to work.  The weather here in Northern Arizona is cool but not bad.  we did get some snow but nothing like in Bedford.  Glad to hear you Bearcats are doing well.

02/03/21 08:15 PM #56    


Barbara Berger (Turvey)

NY here. Tried to register. No appointments being taken in our area. Booked until April.

02/03/21 11:21 PM #57    

Ed McElhiney

Thanks for responding Barbara and Romn, wow Barbara NY is way behind schedule, good luck maybe somehow they will speed it up. Romn sorry to hear you got the virus but you shook it off pretty fast you should have the antibodies now. Northern Arizona is really a beautiful part of the country was there as a teen with my parents. Stay safe and healthy.


02/04/21 02:37 AM #58    

Ed McElhiney

Hey Sandy I didn't see your post right away thanks for responding also I am similar in a way my nephew and his wife are in the health care field also. They both got their shots but wanted to know about people our own age and their thoughts and or experience with the vaccine. Thanks again and see you on Facebook.


02/04/21 10:25 AM #59    

Margaret Galasso (Liberty)

Thanks Bob - have some left over lung issues but dealing with it. My son is half way through his chemo - 6 more to go!  He is handling it fairly well. Thanks for asking!  🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

02/05/21 09:04 AM #60    

Judi LeLoup

Hi Everyone:)

Glad to hear everyone is getting the vaccine and those who have had Covid are recovered.  Many of my friends, and my son, have had it, and it's no picnic.  But they, thank heaven, are all recovered.

I just got my first shot yesterday.  Pfizer, so 21 days from now I get the second.  Heard all the same stories, second has a kick.  My arm is sore and I was a lilttle tired yesterday.  Other than that, I feel relieved to be on the way to putting this behind us all. 

Barb, keep trying daily, hourly, whenever you can, to get online for an appointment.  My first one was for April 2nd, best I could get, in Albany.  Then I kept trying other areas, and worked my way up from March 28th, March 18th, February 10th, then the 6th!!!, as people juggled appointments, to February 4th!  I was so excited:)  I found people were cancelling appointments early morning or late at night and I just hit it right the day before the 4th.  My appointment was an hour and half away, in Plattsburgh NY.  I would have driven further if I had to.  I even considered driving and staying in a hotel!   There are appointments in Plattsburgh and Potsdam opening up all the time..............might be worth a road trip!!!

Best to everyone and hope to see you all in the summer!



02/06/21 03:00 PM #61    

Ed McElhiney

Hi Judi I am glad it all worked out for you,and that your son and friends recovered from the virus. Hopefully we won't have this much longer. Thanks for your post 

       Take Care, Ed

02/06/21 06:22 PM #62    


Barbara Berger (Turvey)

Judy, thank you for the update - appreciated. Plattsburgh and winter in the same sentence LOL!?! 

Many of us downstate are holding on until things improve on distribution.  Happy to say Yankee stadium is open which will be a relief valve so Westchester County isn't in a constant state of unavailable. Also Walgreens and CVS are in the pipeline. Bottom line, there are just a lot of people here.

In the meantime, EVERYONE, even if you get the vaccine, it is still not clear whether you can be an asymptomatic carrier to your loved ones. Take precautions seriously.

ALL TAKE CARE until we meet again.

02/07/21 10:17 AM #63    

Judi LeLoup

Thanks Ed, for the kind words.

And Barb:)  It's an absolutely beautiful drive to the north country!  Especially with the snow!

I don't buy the asymptomatic BS .....sorry, but if we have the antibodies, we aren't carrying the virus.  There are hundreds of doctors who dispute this theory and I believe it's very much a scare tactic. I refuse to live in fear after my vaccine.  That's the whole point of getting one and getting back to living.  The lockdowns do not work, and I will comply wearing a mask where necessary, but that is as far as it goes. 

Many of my friends who have had Covid have been tested regularly for the antibodies, and those who had it a year ago (March) still have them!  Good news to say the least.

Hope they open up more for you downstate soon.  They are very slow here in NYS!

Be well and best of luck,


02/12/21 12:24 PM #64    

Ed McElhiney

For those of you looking to get vaccinated a friend of my wife gave us info on getting it at Rite Aid and I just got off of the website. We are both signed up to get the shot tomorrow 2 miles from our house. It is their COVID qualifier questionnaire you fill out. If you qualify which all of us do you get to pick your day and time at a choice of Rite Aid stores. Hope that helps.


02/13/21 10:51 AM #65    

Bob Richardson

I have friends that successfully tried a different approach. They would go to their local drugstore that gives the vaccinations at the end of the day and ask if they have any available. It doesn't work every time, but if you get your first vaccint, the schedule you for the second while you wait.

02/14/21 02:15 PM #66    

Rosanne Piazza (Moldvay)

I signed Chuck & I up with our Portage County health dept in mid January.  They emailed Chuck and he went last Saturday (he's 70) and they called me mid week and I went yesterday.  We both got the Moderna vaccine. My arm is a little sore and I have a headache on and off today.  I had tried several other websites and couldn't get through to make an appointment so was very happy when the Health Dept contacted us.  We were told the supply is limited because they started vaccinating the teachers in Ohio.  We're very happy to have gotten in.  I lost my brother and my dad to Covid this past summer and our daughter in law's grandfather in November.





02/15/21 08:56 PM #67    

Ed McElhiney

Rosanne very sorry for the loss of your loved ones. I am glad that you and your husband got your shots the more people that get vaccinated the sooner this terrible virus will be over. My wife and I also got the Moderna vaccine on Saturday she had light headedness and muscle aches, for me nothing not even a sore arm kind of wierd. Again my condolences to you and your family stay safe.


02/16/21 10:38 AM #68    

Judi LeLoup


I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your brother, father and daughter in law's grandfather.  My deepest sympathies.  It's never ever easy to lose a loved one.

Bless you,


02/16/21 11:44 AM #69    


Heidi Wolske (Dugger)

Dear Rosanne,

So very sorry for your losses. I cannot fathom the amount of grief these encompass. Having lost my father-in-law and both parents in the last few years, I can somewhat imagine, but still, so sorry Co-vid took so many of your loved ones! Stay safe, and hope we can all get vaccine as soon as possible. Sending prayers of peace your way! 
Love & blessings,


02/16/21 04:56 PM #70    


Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

oh Dear Rosanne, I just saw this!  How devasting for you to endure all these losses.  im so so sorry.  i wish i could turn the clock back, hearing so much sad news it seems, like a nightmare.  Praying for peace .

love ♥ sandy

02/16/21 05:01 PM #71    


Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

As far as the Vac, i am waiting on Cleveland Clinic, they said they will notify me thru 'My Chart'.  Due to other body complications, (lol, yes kinda got old)  i want to be at Hillcrest when given my shot.  Anyway, Dale got his first one at the Veterans Hosp in Parma.  His arm was sore (typically) for 2 days, however the second nite he got chills, headache and feverish.  he is ok now and glad that is over with, cant wait for his second shot! He got the pfizer.


02/17/21 10:16 AM #72    

Bob Richardson

Roseanne, so sorry for your losses.

05/02/21 03:52 PM #73    


Jeff Miller

Its been averaging over 90 since late April. I'm about burned up and melted. I just bought a new Fiat, my fourth,they have great air conditioning.  My wife Karin, who  has been in Bellagio, off Lake Como recently says it doesn't matter. The whole  TOMATO over here is HOT Too!  All I can say is we gotta change this here climate ting'   I've hah four surgeries year. I'd like to golf this year yet ,if I can walk or see,  i will try to be at Punderson. Just an old 69er !    (I got Chris Bobby's putter to break in, after all)

05/03/21 07:45 AM #74    

Bob Richardson

Nice to hear from you, Jeff. But I think I'm missing the context for your comment.

Hope all is well!

08/08/21 09:57 PM #75    

Jane Horner (Quilter)

Hope at this point that everyone who wants the vaccine has received it.

Wishing all of you a chance to escape it.  Our 20-yr.-old granddaughter  (unvaccinated)  had it and had some serious complications several weeks later- irregular heartbeat, suspected blood clot in lung, but her mom, who is a nurse, got her straight to emergency..  She is okay now. But her Nana is still uneasy about being in crowds, especially with the surge of delta, so I will not be at the dinner following the golf outing this year.  Will miss you all and please let me know in whose memory this year's golf outing is.  


09/11/21 02:19 PM #76    


Jeff Miller

I've been working on getting my legs back under me.  Starting to throw down the my cane more often.  Walking around the neighborhood  with  my 120lb. lab "brighty." She is afraid  of about everything.  Since Karin got back from  Italy, we have been  trying to see more of  Virginia.  We even found 'corned beef", good pizza, and good seafood down here in this mid-atlantic "food desert".  Hopefully. We  will  find more than 100 degree days, Walmart, and and Anti- Vaccers, down here too.  Makes you look forward  to the noise all the low flying  helicopters make looking for empty houses to rent to  the Afghanis'.   Enjoy the rest of summer. we can still get get into the 90ties in October!  Enjoy Ohio, while you can!

09/12/21 11:03 AM #77    

Bob Richardson

Hey, Jeff, I've got a couple spare legs if that would help LOL.

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