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03/27/20 08:57 AM #28    

Sarah Goldsmith (Clark)


Hi All,

I was really looking forward to the FL reunion but it will be something to look forward to next year. I've been working through this crisis at a retirement/health community in Sarasota. We're of course social distancing and the resident healthcare center has been shut down to all visitors for more than 2 weeks. Lot's of FaceTime and Skyping for the residents.
Thankfully, at home, we have 6 acres and live in a place with plenty of walking space available. Horses, dogs and cats for love and distraction. Staying as safe as possible. I hope everyone is taking this seriously but do something fun that brings you joy daily. Our age group has been through a lot of stuff through the years so hang tough. We are great, we are fine, we're the class of '69 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•. Love you all!!


03/29/20 06:32 PM #29    

Christine Paparone (Sembiante)

Hi Everyone!   It was terribly disappointing to have to cancel our Florida Reunion.  I kept thinking all weekend about where we would have been and what we would have been doing.  But, that said, thank goodness we canceled when we did.  It's hard to believe how much worse all the states are since that time.  We figure, next year at this time we will all be celebrating our 70th birthdays!   There is always a reason to party and celebrate, right?!  

Like Dan M. said, we are fortunate to be living in paradise.  AJ and I are keeping isolated, just going out when absolutely necessary.  I keep telling him, it's a good thing I like him!!!   This is real togetherness!   In our old community, we were so active, we were like two ships passing in the night.  We vowed that when we moved to our new neighborhood we were not going to get involved and that we would spend more time together.  Well, guess who got their wish!!!!  I apologize to everyone!!!   

Seriously, we are doing okay, but are heeding the warnings.  We walk and bike almost every day.  Up until our courts were shut down this past Monday, we were playing tennis and pickleball - just the two of us.  Shutting down the courts hurt.  Our new clubhouse was 3 days from a grand opening celebration - of course, it didn't open.   We are just staying positive...  As long as we stay healthy we will have a lot to look forward to - new neighbors, new amenities, time with our young grand nieces who live near our new home, and a BHS 51 year Florida reunion next March!  Stay healthy everyone!  Best class ever!!!   BHS Class of  '69!!!!     Truly GREAT AND FINE!

Christine (Chris Paparone) Sembiante

09/27/20 11:45 AM #30    


Jeff Miller

Just been to the Great Dismal Swamp in N.C. with my brother. It's about 10 miles away from Chesapeake. They've drained about 90% of it since George Washington surveyed the place over 250 years ago. Great place to hike,bike,kayak,kill mosquitoes,and avoid poisonous snakes. (Did I mention heat, mist, and humidity? it is a swell place). Finally finished my Covid-19 project. Have read 75 Ernest Hemingway stories, my favorite was "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber", irony drips. Down here I outlasted 3 fitness centers that succumbed to the pandemic. I stll walk a couple miles each day, and lift enough to keep my upper body strong. How y'all copin with covid? Any events planned near Bedford next year? Golf ? (I got a new putter!)

09/27/20 07:27 PM #31    


Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

wow Jeff, you have some great energy for sure!!! love all you been doing, thank you for the update.  all is good here with me and family in Macedonia, no covid, knock on wood even tho my daughter works for cleveland clinic, i worry, but she is good... thank you and take care!!!!♥

10/25/20 05:22 PM #32    


Jeff Miller

Thought I'd pass along what,ya probably knew already. I was shilling out more money for cable and internet, than I paid for gas, electric, and cellular combined. Now I can enjoy the "Browns"! Put a big antenna in the attic, cut the cable,and watch the game every week. Hey! Whatever happened to Jim Graner and Gib Shanley?


10/25/20 08:53 PM #33    


Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

Hi Jeff.... how great getting rid of cable, I agree its ridiculous!!!  anyway, Gib died back in 2008, the other one we are looking up., are you sure of the spelling?  Hope you had a great Birthday :)

10/26/20 10:44 AM #34    

Mary Ann Schneider

Jim Graner died way back in '76!

10/26/20 02:43 PM #35    

Howard Rhoad

Good for you Jeff. We have been "cable free" & lovin it  for a couple years now. 
There are a couple Internet options that are a lot cheaper also. Sling being one of them!

10/26/20 06:03 PM #36    


Debbie Rogel (Scruggs)



Hello Mates!

Living in MI across the St. Clair River from Canada, we enjoy about 3 of their TV channels.  We don’t buy cable either๐Ÿ˜  We are trying to avoid the virus so we follow the guidelines by keeping our distance, wearing our masks and face time a lot!  We put an addition on our house and it is taking twice as long as normal and still not done...but it’s close and looking great.  That is what has kept us busy.  How could it be over 50 years since sounds crazy๐Ÿ˜  Oh yes, we play pickleball is all the rage!  Stay safe, stay well!  Love to all of you๐Ÿ’•


Debbie Rogel Scruggs


12/08/20 01:08 AM #37    


Jeff Miller

This is a Happy Birthday shout out to Bobby Richardson !   No! No! No! Not that  slick fielding second baseman for the  New York Yankees back in the Sixties.   I mean Barb and Arch's  son , carefully tucked in bed reading another "Hardy Boys"book 60 years ago.  You had the complete set, right Bob?  I see that Hulu is going to release series about the ageless boy detectives pretty soon  I'll be watching.  It's a drag living in Naples at this time of year. It still gets dark at 4:30,, when its still 75 degrees outside.  I want to thank-you for for the driving instructions going home from our reunion last year. We did try to keep the sun on the left side of the car,but we were driving at night mostly.  Keep wearing your mask,Always reflect on the good times and the warm memories they leave us

12/08/20 07:59 AM #38    

Bob Richardson

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Jeff! You're a week early, but who's counting? Yes, I read all the Hardy Boys books. So many timesI probably had them memorized.

Your memory is slipping, just a tad. Barb is my sister. Jane was my Mom. But pretty darn good for not having seen them in ... almost ferever.

It's 21 degrees in the suburbs of Detroit, so I can't listen to too much complaining about Naples weather. And you're out of Hurricane Season!

Slàinte! (Scottish Gaelic for Cheers)

12/12/20 10:08 AM #39    


Jeff Miller

Mr Bob, Pardonnez - moi: I only knew your mom as Mrs. Richardson,baker of cookies and fashionatrix of India. I see you still study your Scottish roots. We have spent nearly a month traveling through the U.K., and Ireland. Really appreciate the beauty and sparseness of the "highlands" and the "borders". Visited the "borders" in 1987.   In WW I,  1/2 million men from this area perished in the "Somme", and other horrific battles.  The people of the towns were mostly old women,  no old men, and far fewer people than you would expect. You saw the result of a war fought  many years before.  Ciao, we head Milan, Italy, If this "covid" ever ends, and travel can happen again.

12/23/20 05:27 PM #40    

Chris Heston

I posted this also on the our “new and improved Google” list since Yahoo Groups no longer exists. If you were on Yahoo Groups and wondered why you haven’t seen “Google groups” please check your spam folder. If yer not on the Google list and want to be added give me a holler. On to it.


Dear Friends,

I came this [] close to not doing this one, matter of fact I told myself after last year I wadn’t gonna do any more end of year rants. My writing officially sucks now and even I don't like it. I'm a loser when it comes to answering emails and I've generally lost that loving feeling for the quill. My oldest daughter has me writing a bunch of stuff for Ancestry dot com and my youngest has me doing a storybook called, well, storybook. I dunno, maybe I’m just sorta talked slap out. Or, maybe it’s because I’m a serial procrastinator. But like a fish looking at an old lure, and even though this particular grenade really doesn’t need its pin pulled I fell for it again anyway. Alrightie gang first off lets face it we’re at the age where we moan and groan about our ailments, and you know I wanna do my part and so whilst the complaint department is open, some of y’all know my back has always been out of whack, and I’ve had more surgeries than I can count. The latest dealio is I’ve got a pinched nerve in c4/6 & torn spinatus whatever that is. My right side feels like it’s on fire, I can barely use my right arm and those muscle relaxers they gave me? I might as well be eating M&M’s. I talked to my ortho guy (on zoom of course) who said a cortisone injection would probably help it but of course that’s considered “elective” these days. Jimminy. OTOH..compared to a lot of other people my problems are really miniscule. So. OK, enough of griping.

Man that was a great year huh? One for the books! We packed the grandkids in the family truckster just like the Griswalds and took ‘em to WallyWorld, visited the Grand Canyon, then we went on a cruise, and then we got to see the Great and Powerful Whizzer da Voz, no uh, wait .. we didn’t get to do any of those things did we. All in your dreams, Will Robinson. A crappy year wuz had by all. Amiright?

Well OK some good news. Checkit: I’ll have you know that I went to the doc-in-the-box for my annual physical checkup, you know where they sample yer blood, whack ya on your knee with that little bitty hammer and you open your yapper and say “Ahhh" and the whole eight and a half yards. So in listening to the synopsis, the Doc tells me, “You know, if you cut back on your carb intake, stop smoking cigars, lose a little weight, get some more exercise, eat more raw vegetables, don’t eat so much red meat, cut back on butter and dairy,  - there’s no reason you couldn’t live another 20 years! Well, I had to think about it a lilbit, and of course bein’ me just had to ask, “Well, if I don’t do any of those things - then how long?” I’m still waiting for that answer.

For what it's worth……

Because I know ya'll are dying not to know, I had dinner recently with two beautiful young ladies. My firstust and lastust born. The twin apples of mine eye. It’s a danged shame but I don’t see them near as much as I used to. Boy howdy life can sure get in the way sometimes! Willie Nelson had a song about that, I know you’ve heard it too, remember “Gee, Ain’t it Funny How Time Slips Away…” Or was that Patsy Cline. Anywhut, I resisted the urge of telling those Gen-Xers to sit quiet and lissen up to your Daddy cause of course! I’ve been around awhile and I know some stuff.. as if that would’ve worked right? Actually it was more the other way around, they told me I really should cut down on my sugar intake while I’m at it too but no matter. Fun times, those. My very last Christmas in Ohio was with my kids, sisters and whole fam damily in 2002. THAT was the year when Cleveland set a record for the most snow that actually fell on Christmas Day, roughly a foot. Ho-hum stuff for you locals I know, but for my kids? Les awesummous. They had snowball fights, did snow angels, rolled around in the snow- and they were in HS then too matter of fact my oldest was a freshman in college. I’ll have to ask them but I’m sure they’ve long since forgotten whatever gifts they may have gotten got but the experience of seeing the snow, being with family, seeing their cousins, they didn’t know it then and none of us could have possibly known-  but it would be the last one they would ever have with their Grandpa. Those were really priceless memories. Just the sort of life memories we’re always kinda nostalgic for. And that, of course in my never humble opinion is what Christmas is all about. 

I recall..…. 

a year or two after the 9-11 attacks, seeing the interview of a woman who lost her husband that fateful day. I remember her saying that she had come into a bit of money sometime afterwards, but she allowed that ‘you know, I’d give everything I have if I could just have him back for one hour. Just an hour….” My kids ask me every year what I want for Christmas and my answer is always the same and always will be the same - just to spend time with you is enough. I don’t know about everyone else but what I wouldn’t give for an hour’s conversation with a departed loved one. Kind of an old saying but no one got on their death bed and wished they’d spent more time at the office, or lamented not owning some fancy whatever gee-gaw. I’m guessing no one ever regretted spending more time with family/friends which tells me that it really is the simple things in life that make us happiest. 

The story goes………

Tw’as years and years ago a guy who happened to be pretty high up on the food chain arranged for this other feller named John to be unceremoniously tossed in the Crossbar Hilton for the crime of, well, dissing his side chick that just so happened to be married to dude’s brother. If this is sounding a little like a Jerry Springer sequel, well, I guess some things never change. And, to add just a little more drama, the gummint official turned out to be the King, and he also wadn’t too happy about hearing about John’s friend the carpenter stealin’ the limelight from him by doing some rather amazing things. The King, you know, the one who tossed John into the slams in the first place? Years later would ask the carpenter about the matter and was rebuffed by his silence, almost saying, or implying perhaps by omission - “Believe it- or not. It’s yer option.” Fast forward. Dear Friends & Neighbors. I believe in miracles. I’ve seen it too many times, Those that were once blind -*can* be made to see. Those cannot walk -*can* be healed, those who could not hear -*can* be made to hear. Call me nutty, - but I do indeed believe in those sort of miracles. Cranky, nasty people that seem to have some sort of maybe like a spiritual tapeworm inside of ‘em- they can be reborn and have a better life. (Looking at you, Ebeneezer…) The power of prayer is stunning. Beyond amazing. Believe it. And any time anywhere, there’s always the option of taking a walk with the creator of the universe. Kewl, dat! Anywhich. Hope that’s not too preachy just but enough to take to yer porch ponderin' place. 

Anyone remember that one movie……..

Where half the cops in Cook County Illinois, the National Guard, a few SWAT helicopters, a couple of tanks, Princess Leia, probably Rin-Tin-Tin and no telling who else were chasing Jake and Elwood in a stolen police car (and I’m pretty sure they were gonna run outta gas before the statute of limitations were up) and they found themselves in Bob’z Bunker Bar where they played both kinds of music? “Country AND Western?” (Sidebar: It's Baskin Robbins, baby. Cup, or cone? You can't have both) Sorry. Anywhich. Back to the chase. Well, to let on to a not so big secret, I’m a big country music fan too and no I’m not talking about “Rawhide” or “Top 40” caca. Actually I like quite a mix of a lot of moozic thank you berry mucho but country moves the needle for me for a really good reason. You know how some guitar players can frantically shred the fretboard like 100 miles an hour? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there are plenty of typists that can probably do 175 words per minute too- not knocking it but truthfully that in and of itself doesn’t impress me all that much. Give me a song or melody that tells a story, expresses a mood, or has some kinda feeling that goes into it, something that I can relate to. Sometimes it’s a story that brings back a memory about something that happened in my life, sometimes it’s a song that expresses a sentiment maybe I hadn’t thought of. John Prine’s “When I get to Heaven” or Jamey Johnson’s “You Should’ve seen it in Color” come to mind pretty quick. Or maybe “Attics of my Life” by Grateful Dead. Next Halloween when you wanna hear a skeery ghost song-story try “Legend of Wooley Swamp” by one of my all-time favorites, Charlie Daniels. 

Wow I’m all over the map with this one huh, maybe you could elect me, like, The Patron Saint of Short Attention Spans or something. Anywhichaways, It might’ve been a couple years ago when I mentioned up “One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest” and now “Blues Brothers.” Have you ever noticed there’s always a Nurse Ratched or a Camille Ztdetelik just seemingly waiting around the corner for the opportunity to ruin your whole day? Matter of fact there’s dozens of ‘em. Trick is to not let ‘em do it.

Ok, and before I get sidetracked again here’s a few parts of the song I was really gonna mention, and I know y’all will remember it and yep, I do consider this sorta country and yes it does tell a story. 

“When you're down and troubled

And you need a helping hand

And nothing, oh, nothing is going right

Winter, spring, summer or fall

All you've got to do is call

And I'll be there, yeah yes

Ain't it good to know that you've got a friend

When people can be so cold?

They'll hurt you and desert you

Well, they'll take your soul if you let them

Oh, but don't you let them….”

By now you know the James Taylor song I’m talking about, pretty kewl, huh? I thought of y’all when I remembered this song. I think I’ll just leave on that note. Dang this ended up a little breezy as usual huh. All this just to say, I’m just as proud as I can be a small part of such great group of friends like we’ve been over the years. It is a great honor to still call ‘youse guys’ my friends. What a class! Best evah! There’s some great memories in the bank and we ain’t done yet! Hey, maybe we’ve got another 70 years in us, who knows. I'm getting all Betty Ford just thinking about it. Time for latte, a cohiba, and feet up on the porch table. The hornets nest will simmer soon enough. For unto us a son is born! To one and all, a Merry and Joyous Christmas, and as always, May God Bless,

-Chris - 

pompous lecturer & garrulous Grandpa.


12/24/20 02:24 PM #41    


Heidi Wolske (Dugger)

As usual, loved your "rant" Tex! I especially liked the preachy middle part, we can indeed believe in miracles! Love our group and all the parts everyone plays, minor like mine, major like our garrulous grandpa! :)

Merry Christmas or happy holidays, love this time of year. It comes with the same feeling I had for the little guy in the manger that I had when I was young enough to be getting all the presents and not the one wrapping them all (or more like writing checks these days!). 

And best wishes for a happier, healthy, safe, and blessed New Year!


12/27/20 02:29 PM #42    


Barbara Berger (Turvey)

Dear Pompous & Garrulous,

Best line . . .
Ain't it good to know you've got a friend

We're blessed as we have many!

Happy, Healthy Holidays All!


02/01/21 07:17 PM #43    

Ed McElhiney

Hi Everyone 

I hope everybody is safe and healthy just wondering what everyone's opinion is on taking the vaccine. You hear so many different views just like everything else now a days. Has anyone gotten theirs or plan to or not? We are signed up to get ours thinking nothing else out there unless you get infected to build up antibodies. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy and hope we could gather together again.

Ed McElhiney

02/02/21 08:41 AM #44    

Bob Richardson

Thanks, Ed. We're safe and healthy up here.

I got both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. We're all high risk due to our age but I'm also an active volunteer at the biggest hospital system in Michigan, s I got on the list early. And our physician daughter said I HAD to get it.

Zero side effects from the first shot! The second, 3 weeks later, was pretty much the same, altho the day after I felt kind of tired all day. Not so much that I had to take a nap, just sluggish. That was it.

A day after her first shot, our physician daughter had chills, felt crappy, and slept most of the day. Her second shot was similar, but not as bad..

I've talked to several people who said their arm was sore after the shot. (I think the key is to relax it completely before they poke you.)

FYI: The Moderna vaccine is 2 doses, 4 weeks apart. Johnson & Johnson's vaccine, if/when it's approved only required one shot, but is less effective than Pfizer and Moderna.

Hope those of you who decide to get the shot have the same (none) side effect that I did.

Stay healthy!

Slàinte (Cheers)


02/02/21 10:26 AM #45    

Margaret Galasso (Liberty)

Hi Ed!  I had Covid, so for now I'm not going to be getting the shot  - every month in order to visit my son, who is undergoing chemo, I have to be tested and I still have the antibodies.   


02/02/21 02:47 PM #46    

Ed McElhiney

Thanks Bob and Margaret I am glad it went so smoothly for you Bob, and Margaret sorry to hear that you got COVID hope it wasn't to bad for you with the stress of your son's treatments and all. I hope your son gets better soon and you continue to have the antibodies. Thank you both for responding and stay safe.


02/02/21 04:13 PM #47    

Christine Paparone (Sembiante)

Hi Ed.  My husband and I received the Moderna vaccine.  We are very thankful to have been able to get it.  We were in one of the first groups of crazy Floridians who "camped out" most of the night to receive it.  We felt that strongly about getting it.  Just FYI... with the first shot we had a bit of a sore arm.  The second one had a kick to it.  We felt achy muscles, mildly feverish, headache - mild flue-like for 8 hours and they lingered slightly for 24 hours.  All our friends experienced the same with the second Moderna shot.  Hope this helps.  Take care.  Stay safe.  Christine 

02/02/21 09:11 PM #48    

Ed McElhiney

Thank you Christine for your response I heard that Florida was running a lot smoother giving out vaccines. I am glad that you and your husbands reactions were not to bad, I have been told similar reactions where the second shot was a little worse than the first. So far not to bad for the most part though.Again thanks for your reply stay safe.


02/03/21 10:24 AM #49    

Margaret Galasso (Liberty)

Thanks Ed! 

02/03/21 11:49 AM #50    

Frank Bright

Thanks for asking Ed.  We hope to get our first dose next week - we're in Columbus. Fingers crossed.

02/03/21 03:38 PM #51    

Bev Robison (Jurecic)


Hi ED,

Bev (Robison) J just checking in from Georgia.  The governor was on this morning w/updates at a big  Cobb County facility that is less than 3 miles away from me.

 Good news - Cobb has decreased cases by 12%, statewide somewhere near 48% ?-  in the last week as to new cases .  So far 1 million + ( 500 K SR's) here have received a shot and some have already had two.  I think all sites are suffering with distribution problems right now.

 Appointments online seems to be very difficult for some because the lines are crashing w/ the load.  I  got one over the phone ( requirement was age65+, having a DR at that location, and having seen them in the last three years).     I am to get mine tomorrow -





02/03/21 04:23 PM #52    


Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

Hey Bev! Long time no see,most of us are on FB. Anyway.๐Ÿ˜˜ Yes Ed thanks for asking
I was on the fence in the beginning, of course reading lots of horror stories, but my daughter, like yours Bob, in the med field at Cleveland Clinic, well. She got hers and im on the list! She is way smarter than me, book smart that is!!., so lol. Here we go!
God bless everyone and your families, hope to see y'all maybe this summer๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ™

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