Bellaire Class of 1970 Socials


Meet us at Jax Grill on N. Shepherd, off Interstate 10

Sunday, January 19th, 2020

1:00 p.m. until ???

Grab something to eat and drink and join us on the patio. 
(If the weather isn't good enough, we will meet inside.)

Previous BHS Social:

Andi Taub Meiselman, David Mirdadian, David Roberts

Kathy Woodward Black and Tricia Hughes Mirdadian

David Roberts and Lynn Bullock Brunson

Stefani Callihan, Robin Liken, Donna Wecker Byers

Stephen and Robbie Moskowitz

Jimmy Griffin, Tony Black, Andi Taub Meiselman
Tricia, Donna, Stefani, Robin

Jimmy Griffin, Tricia Hughes
Stefani, Donna, Robin

Jimmy Griffin, Pamela Phillips Zwecker, Andi, Robbie (left side of table)
David Roberts, Kathy, Tony Lynn, Dave (right side of table)

Dave Hill, Sharon Seline Wright

Stephen Moskowitz, Sharon Seline Wright

Tony Black, Lynn Bullock Brunson

David Roberts, Kathy Woodward Black

Andi Taub Meiselman, Robbie Moskowitz

We hope to see you there!