In Memory

Glenn McCaskill

Glenn McCaskill

Glenn passed away on February 15, 2003 in Florida.

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Mark Lee

Glenn, Phil Spicer, and I as juniors were in Hazel Thompson's English clas. We would entertain each other with our wit. Hazel's class was in one of the shacks. During one of her classes, Glenn and I went in back of the shack and started making weird noises through the vent. Hazel came out a couple minutes later. She was mad and glared at us. Then she left. We knew we had crossed the line. I was surprised she never said anything about the incident. She was usually very easy going. I think it was Glenn's idea but I went along with it.

One time after school, I visited Glenn at his house. He called Phil Spicer on the phone. After awhile Phil got bored and said his mother wanted to use the phone. Glenn didn't hang up and kept the connection. We could hear Phil's mother say, "Hey Phil! Get these guys off the phone." Glenn hung up after a couple of minutes.

He drove me home a couple of times. He drove a 1957 silver Thunderbird. He had a microphone in the grill. He would get on the speaker when we were in front of the school and with authority tell students to get off the road.And that they were blocking the street. The Volume was Loud!

Glenn had long hair like the 1950s. He combed his hair straight back. His hair had a shine. Maybe he used Vitalis or Brilcreem. If it was Brilcreem ,it was more than a dab.

He had a contagious laugh and a big smile. He was carefree and laid back. His philosophy on life seemed to be enjoy yourself and don't take things too seriously.

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