In Memory

Charles McBee

From the information I received Charley passed away on May 20, 1993.

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Stephen Sooter


Charles was a quiet boy, and I probably wouldn't have gotten to know him very well except for our two shared passions.  First, we were both distance runners under Coach Whan - a bonding experience, indeed!  I will always remember Charles as an athlete who gave it his all.  Everyday after school we would head to the gym to put on our track gear, and set off on some ridiculously long and punishing run up and down the many roads surrounding Burlington-Edison High, or subject ourselves to yet another of Coach Whan's grueling track workouts.  Or, we would run together to the top of Burlington Hill and sit exhausted on the base of the cross and look over our little town.  When the big meets would happen, we often traveled together to the meets, and we would psych each other up for another attempt to break our Personal Bests.  If awards were given out for level of effort, Charles would have scored many victories and trophies. The look on his face at the end of a race told anyone watching how capable Charles was of giving it all he had to give.
Secondly, we both had clunker cars that needed constant attention to keep them on the road.  My dad had a mechanics pit in our garage, and since Charles lived nearby he would frequently come over to work on his Chevy Corvair.  While it was a challenge to keep our cars properly running, it was with pride that Charles kept his deep blue Corvair shiny and spotless, both inside and out.  He would often give me helpful advice about how to keep my aging Austin on the road.
It was with great sadness that I learned of Charles' untimely demise -- so undeserving -- and I miss his gentle spirit. 


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