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Alumni Future Events Survey

Hi Everyone,

I would like to gather some information for future Alumni Events.

Your results are confidential -only administrators will see your results. 

Please fill out the survey if you can -- and thanks for your input.

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1)   How often would you like to see an Alumni Gathering

2)   If we have an Alumni Event, how often do you think you would be able to attend?

3)   What type of Gathering would you prefer

4)   What type of notification would you like to receive?

5)   If you choose a more formal gathering, would you like to see a short program or entertainment?

6)   Do you think we should have a specific time for the event?

7)   Do you like having the Event around the 4th of July

8)   If Canova has a 4th of July program at the park, and there are baseball games etc. going on, would you like to see the Alumni Event scheduled at the same time?

9)   Would you prefer to have the gathering at:

10)   Other input, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.