Our Next Event-Survey!

So, here we are and only a few weeks after our Great 40th Year Reunion. This got me thinking (albeit dangerous), when do we want to do this again? Do we really want to wait TEN more years for our 50th? Or, would we like to see each other, as a group, sooner?

So, I am putting this out there to all of you. The Big Survey for our next gathering! 

I would really appreciate if you could all take a minute and respond to this so I get a feel for what we should do next time around. 

Thanks in advance for your participation!

Steve Bachman



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1)   1) Get together Summer of 2018 for a Big 60th Birthday Bash. Followed by our Big 50th Year Reunion in 2026.

Yes No
2)   2) Get together Summer of 2021 for a 45th Reunion. Followed by our Big 50th Reunion in 2026.

Yes No
3)   3) JUST wait until 2026, hoping we all still remember each other's names for our Big 50th Year Reunion!

Yes No