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Greg Thillman

Greg Thillman

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05/15/20 09:10 AM #1    

Greg Adrian

Greg and I have been close friends since we were both in Jr. High ... I lived in Chicago, had a summer home on the North Shore and we played ball together (on the same team) for at least 3 years straight.  We shared an apartment in CL for a number of years ... Greg was a car salesman and I was a teacher.  After Nancy and I were married we moved to Florida and a few months later Greg relocated to within a few miles to where we lived in North Palm Beach ....

I could go on with pages of memories filled with endless stories we shared over many years and there is much deep water that has already passed under the bridge and over the falls .. but, needless to say, we are, and were, closer than "brothers" .... and I miss him terribly. 

Greg was the bravest man I have ever known in the way he faced and appoached a terminal disease diagnosis. 

I love you bro ...  broken heart

Greg Adrian 


05/15/20 01:17 PM #2    

Susan Stackowski (Smyth)

I remember Greg Thillman from high school but didn't know him well. However, Greg Adrian's heartfelt memorial thoughts about their relationship prompts me to express how sorry I am for his Greg T's family and to Greg A. for losing such an incredibly close friend / brother. Hang on to the precious, priceless memories.

05/15/20 09:54 PM #3    

Dick Schneider

I remember Greg as a presence. I can hear his unique voice and his laugh. He was tough, a little wild, and he had a good heart. Seeing these post about our classsmates is a part of life, I guess. Each one brings with it some sadness. I know he had some really close friends in this group, so Greg and memories of him remain a part of them.


05/16/20 02:55 PM #4    

Jeanie Vlcek

Greg Adrian,  It is the love and support you shared that enabled Greg to be brave.

05/17/20 09:37 AM #5    

David Graham

I first met Greg in the 4th grade at St.Thomas. We remained close friends to the day he "Flew West". We shared many of life's experiences growing up and as adults. He was one of the most principled, devoted people I have known. He was steadfast to his family during good and bad times. He was the mortar that kept his family as one. Greg and I said our goodbyes two months ago at his home in Florida, while he was still able. A part of me has gone with him. As we say in the Navy, "Fair Winds and Following Seas, Greg".

05/18/20 11:06 AM #6    

Frank Briscoe (Briscoe)

Sorry to learn another of our classmates has passed.  Greg and I had several adventures that were memorable for sure, he was quite the character and oh yes was a bit wild.  I remember vividly getting drunk with him one time, we were still in high school.  Another time he set me up with a double blind date, after a movie Greg drove us to cemetery where we did some frolicking with the gals. Crazy night!  A week after graduating from CLCHS Greg joined Sandy Rutherford and I for a week in the Bahamas.  Once again, having Greg with us turned out to be quite an adventure.  I didn't see Greg after that until 2011 while I was completing my cross country bicycle adventure.  Greg invited me to spend the night at his home and proved to be a most gracious host.  I was most impressed with Greg's total committment to raising his grandaughter.  He wasn't the wild and crazy Greg I knew from hs, he was a loving man.  Greg was an inspiration and admirable man.  Rest in peace my friend.

05/19/20 02:19 PM #7    

Roberta Fruin (Murphy)

My memories of Greg go back to being classmates at St Thomas grammar school. Greg was always friendly and a really nice guy. I do remember him living in Lakewood and having a group over for a party in the basement. We played spin the bottle and I got a kiss from Ricky Golbeck. Funny how things come back to our minds. 
Greg and David Graham were good buddies. RIP to Greg. Thoughts and prayers to his offspring.





05/20/20 01:17 PM #8    

David Graham

Here's that party in Thillman's basement 1968: Adrian, Kolweit, Graham , Jenkins, Thillman


05/22/20 01:23 PM #9    

Jim Boss

I remember visiting with Greg in 2011 while meeting with Frank Briscoe on his cross country bike run. We had a pleasant lunch and enjoyed the "Old Days" for hours . It was a great day with a lot of stories, as you can imagine. I was blessed to be among my old classmate again . Rest in Peace Greg.



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