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In Memory

Raymond Angona

I remember a discussion on religion with Fr Vogel.  "Which religious belief is right?"  It was one of the lessons I tried to follow through life.  "If anyone practices their religion to the fullest and believes in it to the fullest, then how are we able to judge them?"  It gave me a better respect for some and a lesser respect for those who would tell me I was wrong to dance, drink a beer, etc.

Ray decided on a religious and spiritual life path that, to many of us, would seem totally in opposition to some of our beliefs.  But, to his credit, it appears that he never strayed from his beliefs even with all the pressures around him.  Agree with him or not, he endured many hardships to follow his path.

In the photo, you see Ray after his change to Charan Das.

John  T.

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11/16/09 02:14 PM #1    

John Knox

I was a year ahead of you guys but Ray and I were in the Boy Scouts together. I remember his jolly personality but, more than that, I recall his behavior overall as one that I can now recall as esoteric. He was the first peer that I knew that seemed to be, even at that time, in another reality zone from myself and others. A quality life he lived indeed. You can read a little about him at the address below.


12/03/09 08:42 AM #2    

Bridget Jett (Brown)

Ray Angona (Charan Das) and I were grade school friends and my memories of Ray are vivid. He was a lovely boy with a kind heart. We were 'seat partners' in a crowded Catholic first grade classroom. Ray was a very, very quiet 1st grader. Since I was not, Sr. Catherine Marie+ placed us together hoping Ray would influence me. His big smile only grew broader as we chatted and chortled. He was a delight. His parents were (are?) wonderful people who gave much of themselves to our school lives. God bless the Sisters of Saint Mary, St. Cecilia's School, parish and parents and Bishop Dunne...each of you opened our hearts and minds such that we could embrace the world and the heavens as Ray obviously did!

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