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•   Cassie Fennell (Hull)  11/5
•   Audra Perdue (Healan)  11/4
•   Carman Edwards (N. Edwards)  10/23
•   Pamila Adkins (Parker)  10/19
•   Steve Cleary  10/18
•   Norman Patterson  2/20
•   Scott Sherard  12/17
•   James Willbanks  11/6
•   Lisa Brewer (Heath)  10/24
•   Gerald Crowder  10/3
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•   Joey Martel  12/1
•   Wanda Caudill (McElrath)  12/2
•   Diane Holcomb (Williams)  12/5
•   Kitten Dixon (Henson)  12/6
•   Kimberly Kinsey (Cooper)  12/13
•   Ivana Lewis (Flowers)  12/13
•   Kim Brown (Utz)  12/14
•   Kim Grant (Brazell)  12/18
•   Myron McCormick  12/23
•   Gerald Crowder  12/28
•   Mitzi Brown (Pelfrey)  12/31


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Southeast Whitfield High School Marching Raiders-Fight Song-Trumpet Ole!


Updated Info for the Class of 88 thirty year reunion.

Urgent! We are needing a headcount of people attending the reunion. Please RSVP by Monday Oct. 1st at or message Renee Campbell Reddix or Steve Cleary on Facebook.The deadline for payment is Sunday Oct 14th.  

The Southeast High School class of 1988 will hold its 30-year class reunion on Saturday Oct. 20th at The Farm in Rocky Face, GA. The event will begin at 6:00 p.m. with a class photo at 7:00 and dinner and program starting at 7:30. The event will be DJ’ed by Party Time Productions.There will be a cash only bar and the event will be dressy casual, no jeans please.

The cost is $40 per person. Please make your check payable to “SHS Class of 88”. Checks should be mailed to Renee Campbell Reddix, C/O SHS Class of 88 Reunion, 2631 Oak Ridge Dr. Rocky Face, GA 30740. You can also pay by PayPal at Please make sure to include your name that you graduated with either on the check or in the notes section of PayPal.

If you have questions, please visit the class website, email  or message Renee Campbell Reddix or Steve Cleary on Facebook.

Classmates are also encouraged to attend the Friday Oct.19th Southeast vs Heritage HS football game at Southeast High School. The class will meet at the flag pole at 7:00pm before moving to the stands for the 7:30 game.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon,







Dear class of '88

Sad news to pass along, "Trev" Andy Nelson passed away Friday March 31st, 2017 at his home in Chattanooga. I basically went to 14 years of school with Trev. Four and Five year old Kindergarten at Dug Gap Baptist Church and then 1st thru 12th grade. We played baseball, football, cub scouts and other things together over the years. I know everyone has their special memories of Trev. I know I do.  He was always positive, smiling and the life of the party. Prayers go out to his mother Mary, sister Ashley Nelson Gallagher, and his wife Heather.

Gone to soon!


Dear Class of '88,

We woud like to thank everyone who attended our 25 year class reunion on Saturday September 14th, 2013 at the Dalton Golf and Country club. We had 25 classmates attend. It was good to see you guys and we hope to do it again in 5 more years. Please check out our 25 year Reunion page for photos. Also a big thanks goes out to the Class of '88 Reunion Committee for all their hard work in planning this event.


Andy Babb







Sunday August 11th, 2013..

Dear Class,


I want to tell you that tonight at almost 11:00pm Robert Locke has passed away at St Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta. I had received a text from Leslie Goldberg saying she had heard that Robert had come down with pneuomia and was in critical condition. I called Robert's cell and his wife answered about 10:45 tonight. While she and I were on the phone, Robert passed away. She said Robert had been fine as of Friday and  early Saturday morning around 3am he said he wasnt feeling well. They went to the hospital and things went down hill fast. Robert as you may know has had cystic fibrosis for as long as I have known him.


Crystal his wife asked for prayers for her and their two boys Rodriguez and Jeffson and her and Roberts family. She will pass along arrangements when she makes them. Robert was scheduled to have a Kidney Transplant on August 22. Robert would have been 44 September 22nd. He had told me that he would be sorry not to make the reunion as he would only be 3 weeks out from his transplant.


Robert and I have been keeping up with each other almost every two weeks as he has been waiting a long time for his kidney transplant. In that time Robert has shared his faith in God and Jesus as his savior and was always giving God thanks in everything from his family to his continued life here on earth. Robert has already had a lung transplant. I would call Robert TIMEX because he would take a licking and keep on ticking. God has a time and reason for everything. It is not for us to question why but trust that through Robert's life and death, the gladness and sadness of it all, someone comes to know Christ as their savior. A young life gone tends to make one question their own mortality and search their soul about what happens when we die, where we go and what life is all about. I hope thru Robert's life and early death someone will decide they need to make a decision about the most important choice we can make in this life, and that is to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior and receive eternal life in heaven. We do not go to the doctor unless were hurting and most people dont turn to the Lord until they are hurting. God can use sadness to win souls to Christ and change lives. I know, it happend in my life and I accepted Christ as a result.  


"For the sadness that is used by God brings a change of heart that leads to salvation and there is no regret in that." 2 Corinthians chapter 7, verse 10 Good news bible


Robert no longer has Cystic Fibrosis and as I type this he has been in Heaven less than an hour. Robert you were the toughest guy I have known. Everyday of your life was a fight and I never once heard you complain. You would always say "God is good". God Speed Robert!




 Hello class,

I wanted to pass along some sad news I read in the Sunday paper. Mr. Flanery a math teacher we had during our four years at Southeast has passed away. I remember Mr. Flanery had this cool trick he could do with his arm and a piece of chalk. He would stand by the board with the chalk in his fingers at the bottom of the board and would rotate his arm a full 360 degrees and would draw a huge perfect circle. I also remember a teacher that took the job of teaching math to mostly uninterested teenagers, (myself included) very seriously and he enjoyed telling a good story or joke to liven up the world of numbers.

Denver D. Flanery, age 76, of Tunnel Hill, passed away Thursday, February 10, 2011 at Hamilton Medical Center.
He was preceded in death by his wife, Phyllis Flanery.
Mr. Flanery is survived by a daughter & son-in-law, Kathy & Mark Opasinski of the United States Navy; 2 sons & daughters-in-law, Robert & Florita Flanery of Tunnel Hill and Patrick & Hetty Flanery of the United States Marine Corps; grandchildren, Stephanie Jane, Delia Jean and Kyung Joon Otis Flanery.
A memorial service will be held Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. at the Pleasant Grove Chapel of Julian Peeples Funeral Home.
The family will receive friends on Tuesday from 2:00 p.m. until the service hour at 4:00. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Susan G. Komen For the Cure.
Funeral arrangements are by Julian Peeples Funeral Home, Pleasant Grove Chapel, Dalton.


Hey guys, News about Pat McGuire, he is back in kabul, Afghanistan. He was recently promoted to Lt. Col. Pat is working out of the United States Central Command at the Pentagon. He is a Marine and a Leatherneck. Currently deployed  with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) as a liaison officer to ISAF (the NATO command in charge).Feels good that a Southeast Raider is leading our forces! Check out his pics at the link below! You go Pat!



Hey if you guys care to see whats happening with people who entertained us in the 80's check out this link, its pretty cool and the guy updates it almost might be suprised to see who all is not in the rocking chair now adays and what their doing!



80's Fashion Update


Are you a Member?

The Ipod meets Members Only..the 80's icons, music and fashions have resurfaced..they say things come around every 20 get a brand new Members Only jacket for you and your teenager and rock it with an Ipod in the pockect..oh yeah dont forget to push the sleeves ups!


Dont Jump without a chute!

I remember having two pairs of parachute pants, a grey pair to look like the dude from the movie Breakin and red pair so I could have red paints, made popular by Wacko Jacko in Thriller and Eddie Murphy in Delirious! Besides having lots of pockets to carry junk, they actually helped me out. I quickly found out that the grey pair when you were seated,  you could see stuff in the front pocket, meaning I could read cheat sheets, So I have to admit that in math our sophomore year..85" I would wear my trusty parachutes on test day..Sorry Mr. Dees..alas the truth comes out, I was not the Geometry Giant I appeared to be....if you need to cheat on a test..go to...


Got logos?

Hey class, I wanted to pass along this link to some t-shirts from the 80's. I got a big kick out of looking at all the things that were popular when we were in school. I hope if you have some down time, take a look and remember fondly these 80's icons.

80's Music News


Please Hammer Dont Hurt'Em!

 I was watching some tv a few weeks back and ran across a familiar 80's face..yes you guessed it..Mr. Genie pants himself...stanley burrell..a.k.a. MC Hammer. I was curious to see what he was up to because I had heard that after grunge music took over in the early 90's that the Hammer was broke, busted and disgusted!  I have to admit, the Hammer is too legit to quit..the show is good, and its a family show, documentary style following him and his family in daily life..check it out and see why you still..Cant Touch This!


 Dont Stop Believing in Something Freaky!

I know you guys remember the group Journey, I remember dancing in the cafeteria and the proms in the gym to Journey at our school dances. Well the lead singer Stever Perry, had some issues, and Journey had to get another singer, well they found a guy in the Philippines..on youtube..His name is Arnel Pineda (he's Phillipino) he had a cover band and did a lot of Journey stuff, so they ended up hiring him..check this out and listen..its pretty wild..nothing is impossible nowadays! enjoy..

 80's Icons in the News

Monday July 6th. 2009 Today is the 63rd birthday of Sylvester Stallone.That's nearly the same age Burgess Meredith was when he played the manager to the Italian Stallion in the first Rocky movie. WOW!. I think Sly has kept himself in better shape that ole Burgess.."Cut me Mick.Cut me".

Rambo 2008


Thursday June 25th, 2009, Today two pieces of our childhood have passed away..Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Good, Bad or Ugly it is what it



80's Video Games

Anybody got a Quarter?

Remember Asteroids and Space Invaders?


If you have a few minutes out of your busy life, check this links out..Brings back good memories.


 80's Toy Store

Still got your Star Wars toys?

I have mine..ok.. so I dont have kids at my house to break stuff and when I got married Mom said take the stuff or its going in the garbage..but I have them down here in my office in a case. When the bills come in and I have had a ruff day at work, I look over there at them and remember a time before growing up came with so many responsibilities..take a look at this link and see if you see anything that you had back in the day!




80's Movie News

80's movies remake update

It is rumored that the 80's movies, Footloose, Red Dawn, Karate Kid, Conan, Top Gun and Teen Wolf are in the makes..isnt anything sacred anymore? Not when a buck is involved!


70's and 80's TV shows

Guys, check out or  your local walmart. I have gotten a lot of the shows that we watched as kids on dvd. You might be suprised to see what all Hollywood has put out on DVD. Who knows, you might find something you really liked, and anyway its better and cleaner than the crap that I see on TV these days. 


These guys never shot anybody and the show was great! 7-Mary-3 Over!

The original crime scene investigator Quincy!


The Dukes of Hazzard..I know they made a remake but dude..I will admit I never saw it out of respect for the original but Jessica Simpson did have me curious..

Did I ever tell you all about the time I got picked up for speeding in Hazzard County, Georgia? Steve Swantic and I actually tried to break the sound barrier in Lower Alabama, Christmas break our senior year, on the way to see Pat McGuire after he moved to Pensacola. The speedometer was over 140! ..German engineering Haha! Once and only once in my life. Oh to have had a cell phone with a video camera on it and youtube. The world would have seen two 17 year old Idiots about to loose their lives in DumpTruck County, Alabama. True story ask Swantic, does anybody know where Swantic is, Steve where are you?