Email 10/2017


Thirty days post 50th Reunion!!! Such a wonderful experience. Kudos to the entire planning team for a seamless weekend of activities. Reunion Committees were led by Che-Che Dusek Smith along with Candy Ketcham Dickson, Tonda Kidd Crenshaw, Olen Long, Karen Sikes Ferrier, Ginnie Farris Ammons, Jessie Faye Davis Brockett, and Sandi Jones Pate, have done an outstanding job! (Elvis stamps!!) Kay Harris Crain, Roberta Aynes Marlow and George Bradley were stealthlike in their searches for names and addresses.

Lots of re-acquainting and plans for more get togethers! Plus the random pictures taken by our photographer, Dan Dusek, were just posted on Shutterfly. See REUNIONS at the top of the page for ordering pictures and for ordering a Class picture. For those of you who took your own pictures, please post for the class to see. Many classmates who were not able to attend will hopefully enjoy all of these pictures. (I posted my first attempts at selfies!!! LOL)

Many classmates noted how lucky we were to have grown up in Denison where most everyone knew everyone else AND we enjoyed such wonderful places like Ashburns Ice Cream, Embers, Watsons while dragging Main St. for $.25 cents for a gallon of gas.

I personally learned that Che-Che and I were definitely sheltered on Bond St!! (Seems like some others were having a good time!! --- this information from the after hours tall tales). Remember to post your pictures!!!

Kathryn Mosse, Administrator