Carleton Elementary K-8


Carleton as it is today


Carleton Kids

(Ron Bindle, John Vorpagel, and James Tchobanoff)



(Ron Bindle, Diane Weber (Kargula), Jim Tchobanoff, Lauren Monsen, John Vorpagel, Karl Luther)

(The above photos are courtesy of fellow classmates James Tchobanoff & Anne Potter (Berg)

There are many more photos forthcoming.  Check out the ones on the bottom of the page!


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The Carleton Class of January 1960 went directly to Denby for the 9th grade. The June Class went to Columbus for the 9th grade. Let us know if any classmates attended other schools other than Columbus or Denby. Thank you!

Denby High Graduates who attended Carleton Elementary

Catherine Atchison (Annoni)

Phyllis Balcirak

Donna Bentley (D'Anastasio)

Ronald Bindle

Daniel Brower

Sydney Browne

Larry Candler*

Janette Caputo (Burza)

Greg Collins

Larry Davis

Willard Doolittle

Mary Jordan (Ehlert)

Beverly Falandys (Hill)

Beverly Fielitz

Carol Gamble

Marjorie Ann George Goul (Bradley)

Linda Gilbert

Sandy Gregg

Mark Hall (deceased)

Kurt Hartwig

Charles Henstock

Dave Jackson

Ed Jensen

Mary Jordan (Ehlert)

Geoge Lantry

Darlene Lehr (Dueweke)

Karl Luther

Carol Lutz

Ron Maciasz

John May

Sharon Merritt

Dave Myers

Rusty Myers

Lois Neagos Jansen (deceased 2001)

John Potrykus

Anne Potter (Berg)

Dwight Prideaux

James Sigouin (deceased)

George Skurda (deceased)

Ken Tatum

James Tchobanoff*

Chuck Tiffin

Carol Treadwell (Hufnagel)

Robert VanEck

John (Jack) Vorpagel *

Ray Walgraeve *

Diana Weber Kargula

Monica Wickman (Steele)

Nancy Wiggert (Diebold)

*We wish to thank these individuals for posting some memorable pictures of classmates.


Do you remember these teachers from Carleton?*

Mrs Wenzel (Principal)

Mrs Baird (Asst Principal)

Miss Bessert (Homeroom)

Mrs Blixberg (Homeroom)

 Mrs Van Ryan (Homeroom)

Miss Confletti (Homeroom)

Mrs Conrad (Homeroom)

Mr Patelunas (Homeroom)

Mr Mercier (Homeroom)

Miss Fischer (Homeroom)

Mrs Wayburn (Auditorium)

Miss Augusta (Art)

Mr Burns (Science)

Miss Franke (Science)

Mrs Knoll (Social Studies)

Mr Lambka (Physical Education)

Mr Ignasiak (Physical Education)

*Let us know if you wish to add more names to this list.



Student list to be compiled by members of this particular school's class.