McGregor Elementary K-6

Sally Leme writes:  McGregor was only K-6.  We then went to Burbank for 7-9. I also have a picture of the sixth grade class and quite a few names of students who graduated from Denby who went to McGregor. 

The following list is contributed by Bianca Conner Allor. Please help her to identify the unnamed faces. Posted 06/20/2014

Mc Gregor Elementary 1958 Class Photo

Fourth Row (top) Left to right

Chris Brown, John Carroll, Jerilyn Geybauer, Nancy Hood, Toni Sarti, Bianca Conner, Arlene Akhtar (Deceased 2012), Janice Rosella, George Dombrowi,  Marina Bletsus (deceased 1958) Linda Schuman, Carmella Giardiana ,  Linda Konopka

Third Row Left to Right

Matt Evans, Vicky Brubaker, Diane Cece, Kathy Thomas,  Bobby Windsor,  Gary Gavaglia,

Ralph Pitrowski  (Deceased 1958)  Eddie Luke,  Paula Greco, Rich Richards,  Shelly Woods (deceased  date unknown)  Edsel Hibner,  David Dimmer,  Elaine Faba,  Jackie Mohr,

Second Row Left to Right

Virginia Wiemart, Richard Goodman,   Donny Allen (went to Lutheran High School East), Larry Champine,  James Rappart,Chuck Jaworski, Jim Stowell, Ray Blanchard (Deceased 2012)  Donna Cartwright,Carol Kuffelt, Jerry Richards,  Mike McClain, Paul Perse,  Rick Neigarth

Front Row Left to Right

Gail Maul,  ??,  Susan Bierman,  Sally Leme, Barb Lewis, Beverly Charno,  Bob Pouttu, Charles Stowell, , David Johnson,Robert Royston,  John (Moose) Girasimos

Disclaimer…. Appology for any mispelled names or mistakes  that are possible.  A special thanks to Dave Johnson and Linda Schuman for contributions to complete names.


Bianca Conner Allor recalls "Oh my goodness, I lived right across the street from McGregor, so the boys fondly called themselves the "McGregor Boys" and the girls of course where the "McGregor Girls" We all have different memories of "The Turtle" but most everyone who went to McGregor played King of the Hill on the Turtle. McGregor always had wonderful Summer programs where we could go and decorate our bikes and dress up to different themes.

The McGregor Girls group that I "hung" around was Kitty Kelly (was younger classmate) , Linda Schumann, Toni Sarti, Arlene Akhtar (rip) Joyce Kohler, Judy D'Amato, Geraldine Grabor, Shelly Woods, (sp check) Paula Greco, Jacki Mohr, Diane Cece, Marina Bletsus (RIP) Sharon Stringfellow (underclasman) Virginia Wiermart, Vicky Brubaker,Karen Bowran,Sally Leme,Gail Mall,

The McGregor Boys that we "Hung" with was Eddie Luke, Bobbie Windsor, Art Mayes (Sp) underclassman.... Rick Niergarth (sp. check) Gerald Farmer, Bob Putu, Pat Smiley, John Sarti, Bob Conner (RIP),Pat Ziesing,Edsel Hibner," May 1, 2014