Robinson Elementary K-8

The following class list is contributed by Jean Springer (Klein).

The Elementary Class of Robinson

If you have any additions, comments or you are missing please email Jean through her profile.  Posted 06/19/2014

Here is my list of Robinson kids that I remember:


Louis Bonnani
Peter Bushbaker
Kathleen Dodson
Kathleen Dolinar(?)I'm not sure if she went to Robinson or is I just remember her from Columbus
Judy Downey
Marshall Heist
Kathleen McManus
Marilyn Miller
Barbara Moll
Richard Ott
Robert Sitran
James Stringwell
Dorothy Wancour


George Amey
Lois Blumenthal
Michaela Alastra
Barbara Bohlinger
Judy Brumm
Susan Carley
Chris Champine
Lorraine Davidson
Laura Deneau
Charles Doan
Georgia Domke
Chris Douglas
Emmett Evans
John Failer
Gladys George
Marge George
Gail Grosse
Bob Guerrini
Denice Hannifin(?)
Janice Horstman
Lorelei Karczewski
Donald Kleinow
Florence Keller
Gale Long
Teresa Maiuri
Daniel Meredith
Dennis Mostyn
Virginia Rea
Irene Redumis(?)
Brigitta Schmegner
Diane Schroeder
Helena Schwalm

Kenneth Smith

Irvin Zwicker

Thank you! Jean