Missing Photo Requests


Is your graduation photo missing from your profile? If so, please use the Contact Us link in the bar to your left to let us know you would like your graduation photo to show. Complete it with a request for the inclusion of your graduation photo and we will send out a request to your classmates for one. They can either hand deliver or email the original to me, upload it and email to me, or send it to you to upload.  

The existing photos showing come from the personal archives of your classmates. Copying one from the Navigator does not provide the quality necessary to post.

Where possible the best format I have found for posting your photo is JPEG, Grayscale, 300 dpi 

Mail:  Denby Photo, C/O Andrew J Baetz Jr Insurance Agency Inc, 300 W 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017-1966

Email: ajbaetz@comcast.net

"Sometimes in life it's the little gestures that count!"  ajb

Please help to make a fellow classmate happy by assisting them with finding one of their wallet size graduation photos for posting to their profile.



Lalah Lebbon FOUND

Raymond Walgraeve/Carpentier FOUND

Karl Luther FOUND

Harold Ballen FOUND

Charles Henstock  FOUND

Janette Caputo FOUND

Maria Collias  FOUND 

Marie Bash (Selander) FOUND

Beverly Falandys (Hill) FOUND

Marilynn Miller (Thornton) FOUND

Donna Bentley (D'Anastasio) FOUND

Buzz Zube FOUND

Dwight Pfeil FOUND

Sandra Hale Pfromm FOUND

Linda Schumann Tibor FOUND