Lost & Found

"Sometimes in life you lose track of friends, not because of what you did but because of what you didn't do. Could it be that you didn't stay in touch?" ajb

 surprise This link is dedicated to you. crying blush

LOST PERSONS FILE: If you know the where abouts of any of the following please reply to us using the link to the left "Contact Us" and provide their current Married Name (if applicable) and Contact Information.


Suzanne Sigon Schulte is looking for Carol Smalley -- after graduation, I think she moved to Washington DC.  Posted 07/06/2014

Marie Bash Selander is looking for Sandi Foote, Posted 06/17/2014

Kathy Stanson Krause is looking for: Judy Frost, Charlotte Hage, Paul Honderich, Kack Palazzolo, Marian TassonePosted 06/16/2014

Rosemary (Mia Rose) Palencar is looking for:    Monica (Awad)Ceckowski, Shelly Woods, and Carol Wayno,  Posted 06/15/2014

Monica Wichmann is looking for:  Lois Blumenthal, Posted 06/10/2014



MARIANNE SCALISI,  Posted 05/25/2014 

Jerry Wayman, Posted 06/18/2014