50 Year Reunion Photos

Tom Walker, Susan Richards VanHollebeke, Kerry Krause Albertson, Carol Melton Tatoris, Karin Ekholm Fisch, Andy Baetz - Represented Arthur Elementary School

Sharon Poosch, Cheryl Franta (Rusiecki) and Monica Wichmann (Steele) (Charity Lutheran confirmands)

Miriam Nunnamaker (Miller) and Cheryl Franta (Rusiecki)

Bianca Conner (Allor), Judy D'Amato Woerfel, Toni Sarti (O'Neill)

Lauren Monsen (June 65) and Bill Howse (Jan. 65)

Tim Biehl, Lauren Monsen (65) and Marty Eichorn (65)

John Evola and Lauren Monsen

Lauren Monsen, Cheryl Franta (Rusiecki) and Monica Wichmann (Steele)

Miriam Nunemmacher (Miller), Sharon Poosch, ?, Bill Howse, ?, ?, Lynndon Isaacson, Glenn Kershaw, ?, Cheryl Franta (Rusiecki), ?, Ronald Hernesko, Bob Goud, ?, Bob Schwarb

Columbus Graduates

Miriam Nunemacher (Miller) and Greg Miller

and as a special treat to us from the camera lens of Jim Tchobanoff come the following additional photos which he as posted on his Flickr site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jtchobanoff/sets/72157646151841534/. If you can not open the link copy and paste it to your browser.  Thank you Jim Tchobanoff!