Denby Tour Photos 2014


Denby Library

New Front Entrance


Louis Bennett, Bianca Conner Allor and Nino DelGreco

Lauren Monsen, Carol Ann Gammicchia Allen, Karl Luther, Jack Vorpagel, Glenn Kershaw and Diane Weber

Nino DelGreco and Principal Traqcie McKissic



Linda Schumann Tibor, ?, and Dona DeSantisReynolds



Donna DeSantis Reynolds


Toni Sarti O'Neill. Linda Schumann Tibor, Barbara Johnson Gehlert, ?, Keri Krause Albertson and Biana Conner Allor


Carol Gammacchia and Lauren Monsen

Andy Baetz, ?, ?, ?, ?, Karen Hansen Everham


The following photos were taken by classmate James Tchobanoff:

Joe Miscavish and Randy Mims

Rene Kinwen and Jo Ann BBaratta Crescentini

Rene Kinwen and Carol Gammicchia Allen

...and last but not least  we have the following gift from our very own class photographer, Jim Tchobanoff, the rest of his 2014 tour collection: .  If you cannot open the link copy and past it to your browser.  Thank you Jim!