Shinae and Kids, Reading

"We have read to our three children every day, starting from before they were even born.  Our youngest (16 months) constantly carries books over from his bookshelf to his reading chair, and "book" was one of his first words.  One of our twins (age 3) loves books about adventure, and they have inspired him to start creating his own stories about pirates, dinosaurs, and more.  The other identifies with books about real people, and books have helped her learn to identify and process her feelings.  They "read" to themselves too, and we often find piles of books in their bed every morning.  Some of our closest moments as a family are when the five of us crowd around to turn the pages of a book together, and we are thrilled to be passing on our love of reading to our children."

And here's an article I read recently about the benefits of paper books: