80's Trends & Fads

The Rubik's Cube - Erno Rubik was an Architecture Professor at the Budapest School of Commercial Art in Hungary-The world, however knows him as the father of the cube.

Originally, Professor Rubik designed the small puzzle as a way of teaching his students about

three dimensional objects.


Cabbage Patch Dolls - The poverty level was at it's highest in 18 years, and the yuppies needed something to take their minds off other peoples problems. Behold: The Cabbage Patch Doll. Abandoned children of a house of prostituting cabbages wormed their way into the hearts of kids and adults alike in the early 80's. For just $40 you too could adopt a Cabbage Patch Child. If you could find one. these little dolls who all had "Xavier" stamped on their bottoms.



Valley Girls had a colossal effect on the '80's between 1980-1983.  They were teenagers from

wealthy parents who lived predominantly in the areas of San Fernando and Encino, CA and

spoke in a dialect referred to as "Valspeak" using words that changed the English language

as we know it.  Such words included:



fer shur

barf me out

the word "like" numerous times in a sentence

grody to the max


gag me with a spoon


Their outfits which were totally tubular consisted of florescent and pastel colored miniskirts, mesh tops, long sweaters worn with large belts, fishnet stockings, white frilly socks and pumps just to name a few. The blue eye shadow and pink lipstick added allure to their inventive appearance.


The "Brat Pack" had a huge impact on the 1980's because it consisted of some of the hottest actors and actresses at that particular time who starred in movies in which people not only enjoyed and could relate to then but are still able to today some 20+ years later. 

Breakfast Food You Were Eating In 1983

 General Mills - Pac-Man Cereal
 Post - Smurf-Berry Crunch
 Ralston - Donkey Kong Jr.

Ocean Spray introduced the very first Juice Box in 1983.

Fashion Trends
Feathered hair, side pony tails, mohawks
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Leg warmers, neon matching socks, concert rock t-shirts

Bright colored spandex (Pat Benatar, Cyndi Lauper look!)


Singer Karen Carpenter died of complications from anorexia nervosa at age 32.

Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys died from a drowning accident while diving off his friends 52 foot yacht Emerald in Marina Del Ray, California.

The final episode of M.A.S.H. aired with more than 125 million viewers tuned in to watch.  


People Magazine's most intriguing people for 1983 were: Debra Winger, Mr. T., Joan Rivers, Matthew Broderick, Michael Jackson, & Jennifer Beals.

The first Hooter's opened in Clearwater, Florida by six fun-loving businessmen with no experience in the restaurant industry. Their company Hooters Inc. was based out of Atlanta, GA. The casual beach-theme establishments feature "50s & '60s jukebox music, sports on television, and a menu that includes seafood, sandwiches, salads and spicy chicken wings. Hooters is mainly famous for their waitresses who wear orange shorts and T-shirts with the Hooters Logo.


Every Breath You Take-Police
Billie Jean-Michael Jackson
Say, Say, Say-Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney
Flashdance, Oh What a Feelin-Irene Cara
Down Under-Men at Work
All Night Long-Lionel Richie
Total Eclipse of the Heart-Bonnie Tyler
Beat It-Michael Jackson
Baby Come to Me-Patti Austin, James Ingraham
Sweet Dreams-Eurythmics
Grammy Award Winner-Thriller-Michael Jackson (what a surprise!)

1983 Television Top Shows

2.60 Minutes
4.The A-Team
5.Simon & Simon
6.60 Minutes
7.Falcon Crest
8.Kate & Allie
10.Cagney & Lacey
11. Knots Landing
12. Sunday Movie ABC
13.TV's Blooper's & Prac Jokes
15.The Fall Guy
16.The Love Boat
18.The Jeffersons
19.Scarecrow & Mrs. King



 When the 1980's began, there were televisions in 76 million households. By the end of the decade, they were in more than 90 million homes. It is also the decade when cable television exploded. Cable TV subscriptions more than tripled from 15 million in 1980 to 47 million in 1989

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