Audio/Video Memories

This page contains links to audio and video memories of our class that we've uploaded to our YouTube channel and video that appears on East Longmeadow Community Access Television.
Pleasant View School Video 
Miss Dineen's second grade class May Day celebration in 1960 - filmed by Diane LaFave Cirignano's mother 

1969 Spartanum Spectaculum Audio

In 1969, Mr. Walter Gonet, WG Records, Holyoke MA, made a stereo record of the 1969 Spartanum Spectaculum show, featuring many of our classmates. Most of the music was arranged by ELHS 1964 graduate Mr. Roy Grundstrom, who passed away in 2012. A Taste of Honey was arranged by Mr. Robert Isernio, a local musician and You Were on My Mind by classmate Steve St. Marie.

Below are links to all the tracks on our channel
Side One 
1. Overture --- by pit orchestra, followed by opening monologue by master of ceremonies, Joe Marazzi 
2. Second Hand Rose --- vocal by Valerie Jamison 
3. My Man --- vocal by Valerie Jamison; Bob Ireland's french horn solo, floating above the melody, perfectly complements Valerie's voice.                
4. Guantamera --- accordion instrumental by Joe McCollum 
5. Sunny --- instrumental by pit orchestra featuring Bob Reis and Andy Malloy on trombone 
6. Happy Together --- vocal by Charmers. Charmers members: Susan Garner, Ellen Hopkins, Amelia Ingram, Valerie Jamison, Lois Melbourne, and Susan Regnier.     

Silvermen --- master of ceremonies Joe Marazzi introduces the Silvermen's tableau on "Love" 
8. Monologue --- master of ceremonies Joe Marazzi introduces the second half of the show 
9. A Taste of Honey --- instrumental by pit orchestra                                   
10. Monologue --- master of ceremonies Joe Marazzi delivers a few witty lines 

Side Two
1. Legs --- dancers accompanied by chorus singing snippets from a medley of hits  

2. Maria --- vocal by Jim Wilkins 
3. Shall We Dance? --- vocal by Jim Wilkins 
4. End of the World --- vocal by Sue Langevin 
5. Harper Valley PTA --- vocal by Sue Langevin 

6. Laugh-In --- comedic skit with pit orchestral accompaniment --- audio is hard to hear 

7. Novelette --- Marie Roy plays Robert Schumann's "Novelette" on the piano 
8. You Were on my Mind --- vocal by The Travelers 

9. Up, Up and Away --- master of ceremonies Joe Marazzi closes the show; pit orchestra plays portion of "Up, Up and Away" 
From the record album's back cover.
 From the record album's back cover.
Sports Videos
Filmed by Mr. Ed Willard, father of Kris '67, Bob '69, Rick '70, Rand '74, and Ray '76. 
2. Parents' Day 1968 - football highlights (Note: this video is viewable using the Google Chrome browser but is not viewable using the Microsoft Edge browser).    
3. Game Day 1968 (Note: this video is viewable using the Google Chrome browser but is not viewable using the Microsoft Edge browser).   
4. ELHS 1969 championship swim meet highlights - footage from either the Western Mass, state, or New England meets 
5. Varsity track team highlights, spring 1969 - features Bob Willard (ELHS 1969) throwing the shot put and pole vauting, and Rick Willard and Bill Creighton throwing the javelin 
6. Varsity football players, fall 1969 - close-ups of players
8. Parents' Day 1969 - football highlights    
Commencement Videos
Filmed by Mr. Ed Willard, father of Kris '67, Bob '69, Rick '70, Rand '74, and Ray '76.
1. ELHS Class of 1969 commencement highlights (spring of our junior year) - some of us are in the band; Stan Sroka and Rick Willard, wearing white jackets, assist with the commencement 
ELHS 50th Birthday Party Videos
ELHS 50th Birthday Party Highlights From July 1 - 4, 2011, East Longmeadow High School held a birthday party to celebrate its first fifty years. Over 800 alumni, faculty, and guests attended a variety of events. See the ELHS 50th Birthday page for a complete report.
3. Gala at MassMutual Center, Springfield, MA on July 2, 2011
4. Dancing prior to the fireworks on July 3, 2011 (note: dancing begins at 1:05 in this clip, and includes classmate Gina Truitt McKinney) 
5. Fourth of July parade on July 4, 2011: East Longmeadow High School 50th Birthday Party float with classmates    
East Longmeadow History Videos by Classmate Bruce Moore
Classmate Bruce Moore, who serves as chairman of the East Longmeadow Historical Commission, has made 11 videos showcasing historical sites and items of interest in East Longmeadow. Here are the links to the videos on East Longmeadow Community Access Television's YouTube website:
11. East Longmeadow's 125th Anniversary Celebration - Bruce narrates this short video
2013 - WWLP's Mass Appeal television show 
1. Underground Railroad: The Elijah Burt House in East Longmeadow - - - short video on how this house at 201 Chestnut St. was used to shelter runaway slaves during the Civil War. Filmed by WWLP and narrated by classmate Bruce Moore