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10/27/08 02:21 PM #1    

Julie DeClerck (Jones)

Welcome to the United Township High School Class Of 1969 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/03/08 07:29 PM #2    

Nancy Terry (White)

This is really a great website Thanks for pulling it together

11/04/08 08:49 PM #3    

Julie DeClerck (Jones)

Thanks, Terri, for your kind words. Still a lot of work to do...half way through adding all our classmates.

We are double-checking address info on those whose current e-mail addresses we still do not have.

If you or anyone else has contact info (addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses), please use the Contact Us link so we can add the missing info to the profiles.

11/14/08 06:54 PM #4    

Nancy Terry (White)

Does anyone know where Bill Young Lives? He moved our Junior year to Alton Illinois but not sure where he is Just Curious. Thank NANCY TERRY WHITE

11/17/08 04:42 PM #5    

Lee Chambers

Lee Chambers

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Griffin Francis, South Campus English Teacher?

11/17/08 09:05 PM #6    

Stephen Stanforth

Really nice website, who ever did all this work gets some great kudos
Steve and Gloria

02/26/09 09:45 PM #7    

Sheryl Kirklin (Morgan)

Great site! Truly enjoyed the songs from our era. Sure stirred up memories that have been "long forgotten". If there is anything that I could do to help, just ask and I will do my best. And please...nobody but my Mother calls me Sheryl...and that's only when she is preturbed with me...I go by Sherri.

02/27/09 02:39 PM #8    

Cynthia Sehnert (Carss)

Congratulations to the website creators!!! This is great!
Cindy Sehnert Carss

03/13/09 09:22 PM #9    

Priscilla Erickson (Schroeder)

Hi all you UTHS Panthers, Great site. Thanks to all who helped put it together. I'm glad the banquet will be on Friday as I have a niece getting married on Sat. The reunions I've attended have been fun. As usual, I've dug my year books out and past reunion info. It always makes me smile and the smile and nostalgic feelings getting bigger and bigger every year. Thanks again for all the work. Joy, Priscilla

04/20/09 07:27 AM #10    

Marta Lootens (Granata)

Hi Everyone. So glad that I came upon this website. Love the music and my compliments to Julie for her artistic talents and putting this together. It's hard to believe it's been 40 years!

05/13/09 08:53 PM #11    

Dennis Robertson

How many students were in our graduating class?

From the Class of 1969 Commencement pamphlet, I count 589 students that graduated on May 29, 1969 and another 12 that graduated in January 1969.

05/28/09 07:10 PM #12    

Greg Jaques

A personal thanks to all those whose efforts have led to both this site and the 40th reunion. While I am unable to attend as I will be on a family vacation, I have desires to be present even though I doubt many would remember me. Just reviewing the class list, many profiles and pictures has brought back memories not stirred in a long time. How can it be 40 years?

05/30/09 07:04 PM #13    

Debra Holt (Collis)

I remember seeing you in school Greg. Sorry you're going to miss the reunion. Even if you were the high honors student, the athletic jock, the shy kid who kinda was just there,,,,,we all hold the same common thread. WE ARE THE UTHS CLASS OF 1969.

Debbie (Holt) Collis

07/16/09 10:53 AM #14    

Julie DeClerck (Jones)

I was asked about having dancing at the Friday night event at Jumer's. We won't have a DJ, but we will be playing tunes from our high school years during the evening. If the dancing bug bites, we can crank up the tunes and shake a leg. So to all the dancers coming to Jumers, be ready to kick off your shoes!

07/16/09 02:17 PM #15    

Karen Longueville (Curtis)

I totally agree that the website is awesome. Being unemployed it has kept me entertained. I look forward to being in the QC for a few days. Since my family doesn't live there any more, not much motivation. Hopefully Gendlers will be having a good sale, one of my favorite stops. I am looking forward to catching up. Julie mentioned that not all the folks signed up have visited the website. So I hope there is a good crowd!!

09/24/14 10:47 AM #16    


Ron Baum

Thanks to everyone for their hard work in planning the 2014/45 year reunion. I had a great time and I know everyone I talked to did also.

It was wonderful to see all your happy faces. For me, meeting and greeting so many old friends was a pleasure beyond description. I know I missed saying hi to some and I apologize. I also know I meeted and greeted some of you twice...It is a memory thing.

Just think what it will be like at the 65th Birthday Party...I am so excited and I don't want to miss it so I will sit next to the doors for the next 2 years.wink


06/22/17 08:52 AM #17    

Robert Doss

Hello Everyone,

I'm not on here very often but usually when there is some sort of update.

My question is what happened to the "In Memory Slideshow"? It doesn't play for me.  Granted I'm somewhat technically challenged but...........

Thanks for any response.

06/24/17 01:36 PM #18    

Julie DeClerck (Jones)

Hi Robert,

I had to push a button for Flash Player and then it worked for me. Please go to the webpage and let me know if it works for you now, too. I haven't updated it since the 40th reunion. 




06/25/17 10:11 PM #19    

Robert Doss

Thanks Julie. Works for me now.

06/26/17 09:29 AM #20    

Julie DeClerck (Jones)




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