30th photos

Charlie Campion

Kevin McCoy, Phil Kraft, Greg Bjork & Dennis Morrisey

Kevin and Lisa Sherman

Greg Bjork


Mike Wagner, Bill Hollway, Stewart Rallsi & Hap Williams

Paul Vaaler, Charlie Mori, Gregg Moore & Kent Bock

Kent Bock

Mary Scalan


Tony Mitchell


Kirk Rose

Dave Barbe & Don Marquardt

Mary, Tony & Kirk

Dave Kaiser


  Lisa Sherman and Court Holman

Christine Canakes

Scott Reichert

Court Holman and Gayle Goetzman

Mindy Lee

Tom Hauser

Sue Erlandson and Grace Heffernan

Tony Mitchell, Mike Wagner & Mark Flumerfelt

Grace and Court

Sandy Moorhead

Mike, Mark and Tina Smith

Dave Barbe and Teresa Black

Lance Maanum and Marty Scheerer

At Bunnys

Randy Korn, Sue Bohannon & Tom Russell

Pam Brantley, Sue Esile & Eileen Seasly

Sue Eisele and Paul Lindeman

Liz Rockler and Paul

Laurie Brisse, Liz and Pam

Sue, Pam, Shelia Neuman, Carol Beeson, Lisa Shacter & Barb Curle

Jim Haberkorn and Julie Girvan

Jeff Bolin, Gregg Moore & Charlie Mori

Jeff, Pam and Gregg

Jeff and Pam

Sue and Shelia

Tracee Champlin, Tracy Phelps, Judy Peterson and Laura Prentice

Jim Roberts and Sue Eisele



Cindy Spear and Grace Heffernan

Pam, Keith Werness, Brenda Moss & Cheryl

Jennifer Arndt, Joan Bednar and Sue

Cory Winter, Carol, Sue and Paul


JKKaren Morgan and Joan Sigurdson

Karen, Joan and Jeff Bolin

Lori Lemiuex Kornely & Jim Haberkorn

Dave Sorum and Scott Reichert

Dave, Scott and Court Holman     

                                                      Sue Erlandson and Phil Nelson

Ed Caffery, Marty Scheerer and wife, Brian Kortoff        

                Kirby Markquart and Tom Hauser

Phil Nelson, Mike Wagner, Kurt VonSchmidt-Pauly &        

                    Mark Flumerfelt

Mark Flumerfelt

Jeff Bolin and Pete Archbold

Pete and Lori

Tony Mitchell, Mary Scalan and Lisa Wahl                       

        Brian Lew, Lisa Brill and Bill Hollway

At the Marriott post party                                                         

       Bill, Brian. Marty and wife

 Mary Beth Peterson and Mark Flumerfelt

Mary Dosch, Nancy Rowland and Chuk Mooty                

         Chuck, Nancy and Tim Holmgren

Ann Omschied                                                       

                                Tracy Phelps

Kirk Rose and Sandy Moorhead                                   

               Mark Schlaefer and Kurt VonSchmidt-Pauly

Kevin McCoy                                                                          

         Cathy Bonello, Kevin Kloewer and Lisa Hopkins

Brian Lew and Lisa Sherman

Ken Feinberg

Julie Thomas and Tim Dean