Too many emails!
Posted Thursday, July 28, 2011 02:49 PM

Opt Out of Receiving Profile Update Email Notifications

A new email is generated and sent out each time a classmate updates his/her profile.  If you don't want to receive this email or if you want to be more in control of the number of them, follow this procedure:

1.  Under the MEMBER FUNCTIONS heading at the left of this page, find and click on Profile Subscription.  A table with two columns will appear.  The first column is titled Available Classmates and contains a list of all the classmates.  There is a box in front of each name. The program default is to "Select All".  Unless you have already found and edited this area, there is probably a checkmark in each box, which means you will get an email each time that person updates his/her profile.

2.  The second column is titled "Selected Classmates".  Below that is a button that says "Deselect All".  Click on that button.  At this point, you will no longer get emails about updated profiles.

That's all you have to do.  To create your own list of classmates you want to keep up with, you can go back to the first column and click on the box in front of his/her name.  You can edit this list at any time.

One more thing.  If you entered an alternate email address in your profile, you will receive a duplicate email at that address.  If you don't want to get duplicates, click on Edit Contact Info (under MEMBER FUNCTIONS)and make sure you leave the alternate email area blank.   Please note, only your primary email address can be used to log into the web site.