1972 Choralier camp show

In August of 2013, a gold mine was discovered when the storage room above the Baker auditorium was cleaned out.  Uncovered were original reel-to-reel music department tapes, choir robes, contest trophies.  Denise Klein Derge (class of 1971) lead the recovery effort.  Terry Stockholm (class of 1975) had the tapes converted to digital format.  What you see below is rare music not found on any album.  I will evertually parse the files into individual songs. 

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Fairborn Baker 1973 Choralier Camp Show (Wittenberg University)

  1. Never Fall In Love Again (0:00)
  2. 5th Dimension medley - Up Up And Away/Light Sings (1:38)
  3. Love medley - Never My Love/The Song Is Love (6:35)
  4. Cabaret (starring Chris Wood) - (11:10)
  5. We're On Our Way (13:10)
  6. Love Can Make You Happy (16:40)
  7. Walking Happy (20:40)
  8. Sweet Charity (starring Karen Wright) - Big Spender (22:05)
  9. Sweet Charity (starring Karen Wright) - If They Could See Me Now (25:05)
  10. Sweet Charity (starring Karen Wright) - Somebody Loves Me/I'm A Brass Band (28:00)
  11. Hello Dolly (starring Linda Gartin) (31:40) Hello Dolly


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