United '74 News

  2016 Member Appreciation

First, let’s all reach out to the patrons and supporters who purchased tickets, let them know they’re appreciated and valued.

Secondly, I want to thank everyone for their effort to make this years' Gala even better than the last one. We're moving in the right direction. 

What do you call an event, where lots of people come together for fun, food, drink, and dancing? A success!  

Good work by all. This years’ 2016 Gala was a good effort, However there’s room for improvement. We've come a long way as a group and still we have a ways to go. If we continue to work together and believe in our cause and purpose, we will get better and the effort will be easier. 

We must recognize, it’s not just the destination.., it’s the journey too! As an organization, we’re learning lessons that will make us better. Learned lessons help us to become a dynamic interactive organization whose members are interchangeable capable of performing various roles. As roles are perfected, we’ll be better able to give our patrons and supporters the best possible experience when they attend a United ’74 event in-addition to being able to help more students. 

    Yes, we still have work to do. But, if we believe: in our cause, each other, work together, learn and apply the lessons of the journey, then destination is within our reach,

    For United ’74 to be all it can be, it takes us all working together. You see, not one of us can do what all of us can.

It’s not just the destination.., it’s the journey too!

Thank you for your support and confidence.