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03/06/09 11:54 PM #1    

David Stanley

Welcome to the Floyd County High School Class Of 1969 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/31/09 06:08 PM #2    

Jackie Boyd (Bendrick)

Thanks for all your help in setting up this great Web-site.

Jackie Bendrick

04/01/09 10:49 PM #3    

Beth Simpson (Huddleston)

I have really enjoyed reading your reflections of high school! I always remember your great sense of humor but had no idea how "deceptive" you could be! I can't wait to hear more of those stories.
Just checking the few messages and bios so far has been entertaining. I know we are going to have a memorable Reunion. I am so grateful for the individuals who are planning the events. Thanks, Dorma, for nudging us along! Also, I want to thank David for setting up our website (and Elsie for volunteering him).
Let's all encourage those who have not "jumped online" to join us in our discussions!
Beth Simpson Huddleston

05/29/09 12:11 PM #4    

Lloyd Cannaday**

Fellow classmates. I will be bringing my photo-gear and setting up a "Prom Picture" for any who want such. When I turned 50, I went out and bought some real nice camera equipment and have really enjoyed upgrading camera bodies and lenses ever since. I will be posting all photos taken a few days after the party. No charge. No fees. I will take a lot of pics but I am sure that my wife Cindy will make sure that we get in enough dancing.

07/19/09 02:11 PM #5    

Jackie Boyd (Bendrick)

Class of 1969
I just wanted to say thank you to the classmates that were able to attend the 40th reunion. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night reconnecting with classmates that we haven't seen in YEARS. I truly feel that we were all blessed to be able to attend the 40th reunion. My wish is that each and everyone of the Class of 1969, Good Health and smiles through the coming years and hopefully the classmates that weren't able to attend this year will be able to come to the next reunion. Don't forget to update you profile sheet, so you can share special events in your life with the Class of 1969.

Best wishes always and God Bless,
Jackie Boyd Bendrick

07/19/09 11:15 PM #6    

Beth Simpson (Huddleston)

Jackie, it was a wonderful weekend, wasn't it? We are a lucky bunch of people to have so many wonderful friends in our lives. Thanks to you, to Dorma, and to the planning committee for making it such a memorable weekend. Also, thanks to Sunny and Bob for hosting the Friday night event. We should not wait 10 years for the next one!

07/20/09 09:21 AM #7    

John Pugh

WE had a BLAST with this reunion!! I think the picnic at Sunny's was an excellent idea which broke a lot of ice. (and kept a lot of beer cold) Very well organized and I think the initial organization brought out more folks. I saw friends that were last seen 40 years ago and am glad to see we had a pretty high achieving class. Many thanks to the many classmates who worked to put this together, it was much worth the effort. Beth's work on passed fellows was good and moving. I look forward to the next reunion and just hope we don't need a parking place for our walkers. I'm still much better looking than Ed Marshall. John Pugh

07/21/09 10:37 AM #8    

Charles (Ed) Marshall

What a great weekend!!! Dorma, Beth, Sunny, Jackie, Joan, Audrey, Sarah, Joe, and anyone else that i may have missed, GREAT JOB!!
I know you devoted a lot of time and effort into the planning of the reunion. Thank you!!
It was great to see everyone. I agree with Beth, maybe we shouldn't wait another 10 years. We will be in our late 60's by then!!
Edward Marshall

07/23/09 10:54 AM #9    

Senorah (Sunny) Bea Harmon (Popp)

Bob and I had such a wonderful time at the reunion. Thanks to all of you who brought food for the Friday night hot dog picnic. If you left a hot/cold bag or a spoon that has "neighborhood watch" written on it, I have them. Let me know if you want them back. Thanks for the bottles of wine left in the cooler. Those I plan to keep. Joan has suggested that we could have another hot dog picnic at the river for another reunion. Sounds good to me, but I agree with Ed(ward) that we may not want to wait 10 years.

For those of you who were not there, you were missed and you missed a great time.


07/23/09 11:15 AM #10    

Senorah (Sunny) Bea Harmon (Popp)

Just checked the reunion pictures that Lloyd took. What fun to look at all of us having fun! Thanks Lloyd.

07/24/09 05:45 PM #11    

Charles (Ed) Marshall

Thanks again for throwing such a wonderful party!! You have a beautiful place on the river. Enjoy

07/28/09 05:11 PM #12    

Cathy Gallimore (Aldridge)

Just wanted to thank all the classmates involved in making our 40th reunion such a fun & successful event! Earl & I had a great time! Dorma, you did a wonderful job organizing everything. Lloyd, all the pictures were fantastic,I have really had a good time looking at them-they give me many fond memories of all the classmates that attended. Sunny, your place on the river is beautiful! Thanks so much for furnishing such a nice place for us to gather. Beth, your memorial presentation was very moving and well done. Thanks again to all who were responsible for such a well planned reunion! It was great seeing everyone after 40 yrs, of course none of us have changed! For all those that did not attend--you missed a great time, and I missed you all.Maybe you will be able to attend the next one. Cathy Gallimore Aldridge

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