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Virginia Hayes
Virginia Hayes


Virginia Hayes


Virginia Hayes


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Austin, TX USA
Profession: Taught many the correct way to wash hands.
Spouse/Partner: Dale Presnell
Children: Two sons:
Parke, born 1978
Cole, born 1981
Mailing Address:

2300 Barton Creek Blvd., #23
Austin, Texas 78735


Fort Worth

How I prefer to spend my time:

Washing my hands.


Henry Hayes Presnell, born 2009. Vivienne Presnell, born 2014.


No, their paws are always dirty.

Best PHS Memory, Teacher, Activity or Event:

Washing my hands each day before and after lunch. Loved school hand soap!! It was purple.

Which Elementary School(s) did you attend?

Bluebonnet Elementary and Tanglewood Elementary

Which Junior High School(s) did you attend?

McLean Junior High

Did you go to Pre-school, Dance, Music, Art, Theatre, Sports or other activities?

Studied piano and voice. Was on Monnig’s Teen Board during PHS days. Did many fun things. Also participated in fashion shows for a few other stores during those years.

Did you go to Summer Camp?

El Tesoro Campfire in Granbury & WaNaKa in Colorado.

Did you have a summer job or volunteer while at Paschal?

Worked at London House summer after high school. Alternated schedule with Sandy Walker.

What might we never guess about you?

I wash my hands all the time.

Habits you might still have?

Washing my hands

Favorite Books:

“The Correct Way to Wash Your Hands” by Mr. Clean

Favorite Music:

Music to wash my hands by...

Favorite Destination(s):

Where I won’t get my hands dirty.

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Jun 25, 2016 at 11:33 AM

A measure of joy went out of my life a year ago today when precious friend, Ann Hamilton Campbell Peck passed from her earthly life. I know I speak for many others as Ann had many close friends from our class.

While we were friends through the years, our lives took us in different directions. We would go long periods of time without connecting. Oddly, it was when I moved a mere 35 miles away from Fort Worth in 2007 that Ann & I began our closest relationship.  Ann began driving to my house for a monthly visit. Even then, Ann was not physically strong and had health challenges though she would not be diagnosed with cancer until 2014. Our visits were all about talking and laughing about most anything. Sometimes a little shopping and always some lunch thrown in but Ann’s strength was quite limited. She would tell me the little mini-trips to visit felt like a real trip to her. Her stamina did not allow for much more.

With some people you just click. You feel totally at ease, you are on the same wave-length, you feel comfortable. This was our relationship. What do I miss most about our Ann? Most of all I miss her spectacular dry wit. I miss her quirkiness. We are all quirky, right? Hers was most endearing. I miss her sense of fun. I miss her total inability to see a store without walking in and buying one of each only to return most all the next week. 

Ann: Would you run me by Vera Bradley?

Me:   Remember, I took you last week.

Ann:  That was buying. This is returning. Well...and maybe buying.

I miss her sense of style. I miss her strengths. I miss her weaknesses. I miss talking to her. She could make me totally fall apart laughing. It was always at the most unexpected moment.

Ann had total acceptance of what was coming but she did not want to leave her daughter, Sarah. She would say, but I haven’t told her everything I need to yet. Her goal was to make it to Sarah’s wedding. Oh, how she wanted to see her daughter, the bride.

Several class of ’69 classmate friends attended her daughter’s wedding a few weeks after Ann’s passing. It was most tender; bittersweet. We very much felt Ann’s presence.

Ann continues to make me laugh and cry as happens when someone close has passed on but is still with you. It has been painful letting her go but the joy of our friendship far exceeds the pain of loss and I am grateful. I hope to laugh with her again one day.

Nov 16, 2015 at 3:33 AM
Virginia Hayes Presnell has left an In Memory comment for her Profile.
May 06, 2015 at 11:33 PM




I think the closer you are, the more difficult to write.  Have not been able to attempt until now. Quite a number from our class of '69, several from class of '70 along with many other people were at Debby’s service this beautiful afternoon in downtown Fort Worth.  It has been several days since Deb’s passing and finally today we could say our good-by, feel some release and have a measure of closure.


Afterward, rather than sticking with friends, Dale and I went alone to a favorite place and drank a glass of wine to Debby.  As we sat there fighting tears & thinking about times with Deb, we could hear music. “Cause I got a peaceful, easy feeling” (thank you Eagles) and it seemed so right. I do have a peaceful, easy feeling now.  Debby is at peace.  She is resting easy. No worries about test results, no exhaustion from treatment. No pain. No tears in heaven.  


I am grateful Debby was my friend.  A strong, loving, kind, generous, funny friend.  Most special memories will be of the annual Mardi Gras parties at her house.  Even when quite ill, she enjoyed having friends over for that party. Great food and laughs.  Gracious hostess Debby.  Also, meeting Debby and Larry on many Saturday evenings at La Choza’s (and a few other places) for guacamole and green chile stew. 


Then there was our love for Santa Fe’s, Cafe Pasqual’s. Deb gave me a great, colorful framed print from there reflecting the spirit of San Pasqual, patron saint of the kitchen.  It hangs where I see it daily and will forever remind me of her. Deb loved to create in the kitchen and was a member of Bon Appetit in Fort Worth for many years.


Funny we were not friends in school, only in the last fifteen years did we get to know each other.


I can hear her voice and her contagious laugh.  I can imagine the times I enjoyed sharing a glass of wine and conversation with my precous friend.  I am so glad to have known you, Deb, and I miss your gentle spirit. Now I need to let you go………


"But this voice keeps whispering in my other ear

Tells me I may never see you again..."  


[thank you for letting me share these thoughts]




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