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06/23/23 03:17 PM #513    


Jerry Boydstun

Joe Brower at Defender Clays Ranch this morning, just so you'll recognize him tonight  

06/24/23 07:13 AM #514    


Susan Marie Berrey (Yandell)

Enjoyed the get together last night! Got to see some old friends. Even recognized some of you, even though it's been years. Enjoyed David's band playing a few oldies for us. I missed some faces I'd hoped to see, but was fun to see the ones that came. Thank you, planners, for giving us the opportunity to do this before the big shindig tonight. Blessings, Susan (Berrey) Yandell

06/24/23 08:00 AM #515    


Donna Forester (Fisher Boccieri)

How very fun to see so many of you all last night.  some of you simply from across the room but i hope to connect with you tonight!  i remain truly grateful for such a unique and amazing high school experience

i look back with both pride and humor at all the things we thought were important, the things and activities in which we invested our time, and the  resulting character, work ethic, and healthy relational skills we had no idea we were building  

thank you yelliw jackets for your friendship and your influence in my life. Blessings to you and your family in this current season of life!   Donna 



06/25/23 01:10 AM #516    


Brad Smith


Dang that was a great reunion!  So wonderful to reconnect with arguably the best classmates ever.  Diane and I had an "over the top time".  I am so blessed to have such great friends and memories for the best of times. 
Thank you to all the people that worked tirelessly to put this together.  Everything was great.  But most of all I loved being able to rebuild those bonds that were started  a long time ago and felt a real sense that others felt the same way.  All of this, in an environment where fellow classmates made sure we were gonna have a memory event.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  
Go Heights and Paschal Sux!





06/25/23 07:15 PM #517    


Margaret Grace Dickie (Wolfe)

One thing that’s for sure is we have the BEST party planners of any 50th high school reunion EVER! (Paul - I think a musical needs to happen about our 50th reunion!) And we have the best looking, cutest, most dynamic, inclusive group of humans! While reconnecting with some long relationships, I actually have hung out with people at the 40th and 50th reunion that I didn’t hang out with in high school and have found an ever rich depth of talent, spirit of adventure, and friendliness! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


While bittersweet, this has made me restless and while I have some travel plans, it’s not enough. Don’t be surprised if I show up in your city, town, area and give you a call! Likewise, if you are in Dallas or specifically Richardson, let me know!

06/25/23 07:38 PM #518    


Baxter Knowles

What a great 50th!

So thankful for those who came and a special recognition for those who traveled such long distances

Glad to see everyone on the dance floor and singing the school song
Also thankful they played an ABBA song toward the end!

Really appreciate those who got this event rolling with the time and effort they put in it

We have a great group that allows us to keep up with fellow classmates

06/26/23 05:44 PM #519    


Kathy Keith (Hennigan)

I want to thank all of the planners and organizers for our fiftieth reunion
It was great getting to see and visit with everyone. The food and music were great ! I have more pictures that I will post soon. If anyone wants to check in and say hello my email is Blessings and best wishes to you all !!!

06/26/23 05:44 PM #520    


Kathy Keith (Hennigan)

I want to thank all of the planners and organizers for our fiftieth reunion
It was great getting to see and visit with everyone. The food and music were great ! I have more pictures that I will post soon. If anyone wants to check in and say hello my email is Blessings and best wishes to you all !!!

06/27/23 09:16 AM #521    


Don Traylor

i just posted a collaboration of pictures that Deb Chester Maclin and I took from the reunion. Deb gets credit even though I posted them.

06/27/23 10:01 AM #522    


Don Traylor

First and foremost:  What a great 50th Reunion!

Second:  Thanks to all the committee members for a spectacular job!

From the moment I arrived, I was completely amazed as I opened my hotel room door for the welcome I viewed as I stepped into my room on Thursday. Later, in Bill's room, the stories...oh my!  If I hadn't been sworn to secrecy, I'd been telling everyone!  As we waited for Alison to arrive at Mi Cocina, more non-repeatable stories.  Friday's golf game was a blast too, even with the 30 minute delay due to lightning/rain.  The Poop Deck was a fabulous experience...great music, food and fellowship with ya'll.  I've never really been a very social person but, you embraced me and I felt the love you share with each other.  The saturday morning tour was highly enlightening...learned more about the great city of Ft Worth.  Lunch at Cattleman's with you was absolutely wonderful!  Then the evening at River Crest was over the top. I mean it! Like WOW!  You guys and gals sure look great.  After I checked out, quite a few of us went to Joe T's for one last get together and more laughs.  I don't remember ever laughing so hard and shedding a few tears of sheer enjoyment.

My biggest take away from this reunion, you've changed!  I see differently than when I was at Heights (shy and introverted).  I'm still shy and still introverted but with you in my life, I feel blessed to be among giants who love profoundly and give freely.  God Bless you all!



06/27/23 11:35 AM #523    


Claudia Hutchinson

Love you Don! Thanks so much for your help this year with the Golf Tournament!!! I will miss your cute Text messages. Or just send me some funny ones every once and awhile!!!!!


06/28/23 10:38 AM #524    


Bob Spencer

I want to say Thank You to all of you devoted your time to making the reunion a great success. 

It was so good to see everyone and hear stories about how life has gone for the last 50 years.

I'm sorry I did not get the chance to visit with everyone. Hope to see you soon and take good care of your selves. As we all know it gets harder every year but we have to keep moving and stay focused on the things that matter in life.

Wish You All the Best

Bob (Bobby) Spencer

06/28/23 11:25 AM #525    


Bill Clemons

Dear fabulous AHHS classmates,

  The joke on me beginning Thursday night and carrying forward into Sunday brunch was that I had a tendency to fall in love on a regular basis at Heights beginning the first week of my freshman year. Some people even hurtfully spread the rumor behind my back that I was “easy” back then. Things haven’t changed in fifty-four years, though. I fell in love instantly with everyone I saw at the reunion, and you are to blame.    

Thank you. Bill C

06/29/23 09:09 AM #526    


Kellie Cooper (Hales)

The reunion was AMAZING!!! Every detail. It takes so much time and energy. Thank you so much for the great memories. Fireworks, Food, Gifts, Pictures, Free money🥳  Best class mates ever. Bill you're Easy to fall in love with. Thank you for all the time you spent on details. I love my class of 73' 

06/29/23 01:38 PM #527    


Pat Woodward (Poulter)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! For the best reunion weekend! Those on the committee went above and beyond to provide us with the very best of everything!  Your efforts and your kindness were greatly appreciated. This one just felt special for some reason. I know this may be the last time we see each other but what a spectacular time it was! Love to all and again thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!

06/30/23 12:53 PM #528    


Claudia Hutchinson

Don, Your pictures are GREAT!!!! Thanks so much for posting them!!! I hope everyone else posts theirs! What a great time!!!!! 

06/30/23 10:31 PM #529    


Doug Drewry

Wow, Time machines are real… for a few days people forgot about mortgage payments, bills, even the price of gasoline and were transported back in time, back to AHHS & their teens…  only the party was better – and no one was asked for their ID!   Actually it was better than high school – all were welcomed as best friends!  It was truly great seeing everyone!!

A special thanks for those on the Planning Committee and those that supported them, you guys did an incredible job putting this all together and deserve special recognition for all of your hard work – it was Amazing!  Just to put things in perspective, my Wife’s graduating class was nearly 1000; she checked  – 16 people showed up for their  50th last year…

That said – I’m already looking forward to the next Reunion... 


07/01/23 06:59 AM #530    


Jim Calhoun

GREAT JOB !!! I appreciate the time and effort of having such a wonderful event .Over the week I have I have thought about how blessed we all were to be brought together. Once friends always friends. Got a little nostalgic over the ones that had past, but so grateful for the friends we have. You know we realy haven't changed that much , it just takes a little more time than it used to.Thanks and love to all.

07/02/23 09:02 PM #531    


Anne Adele Szablowski (Robillard)

WELL SAID,  JIMBO! "...just takes a little bit longer"!!  

07/03/23 12:33 PM #532    


Bill Clemons

When I reread the comments made by my classmates, I wonder where did you learn to write so articulately- surely not at Heights. When I wrote “and you are to blame”, I did not mean to suggest anyone was to blame, only that everyone should have taken credit for being so nice and likeable. I don’t always deliver the right meaning at the right time, just ask Donna.   

So I don’t botch it, I’ll let a pro describe the greatest achieved task by our class of 1973 as we approach seventy. “To be a human being among people and to remain one forever, no matter the circumstances, not to grow despondent and not to lose heart- that’s what life is all about, that’s its task.” Dostoyevsky

In the next few days, I hope to post the AHHS video of us as teenagers on YOUTUBE so you can easily watch it on your widescreen TV as intended. One-hundred-forty classmates were featured in over 200 frames. See how many you can identify. I needed lots of help.

If you would prefer that your picture not appear in the video, please let me know and I can remove it; but I hope that you will allow your picture to remain because we need you.

Also, I’m working on a mechanism whereby everyone can download the library of individual pictures used to make the video.   

07/04/23 11:28 AM #533    


Doug Drewry

Bill, if anyone "is to blame" it is you and your cohorts for putting together such a wonderful event and drawing us all back together!  To be clear; "Blame" is to place the highest praise on all of you, thank you so much!

07/04/23 02:13 PM #534    


Jean-Marc Ferraud

Happy 4th of July to all Classmates ‘73 ! 

I was delighted to re-connect “in personam” with you, in Texas, during our 50th anniversary celebrations. I am so impressed by the organisation and enthusiasm the committee and participants put in the making of the event. Many fireworks will light up the sky in your beautiful country tonight. In France, it will occur in ten days, despite the crazy situation reported by news headlines (as usual, when problems arise, the best way to solve them is to face them…). “Is Paris burning ?” : NO and neither the rest of France, so don’t worry if you plan a trip there, and if you don’t totally feel it, just take a squadron of Texas rangers with you !!! But, for me, the most beautiful firework will forever remain the one that was set off at Rivercrest Country Club on June the 24th ! 

As many European kids, more than 50 years ago, I was dreaming to come and live the life of an American teenager and it happened with you. Once there, I had many other dreams to build my future life and they all came true thanks to what I did in AHHS with you. 50 years after, I was dreaming to come back, just to dream again …and YOU made it happen. So it is with great emotion, now that I am back home and after a fantastic 10 days road trip across Texas, that I say “THANK YOU and God bless you all”

07/18/23 09:36 AM #535    


Kellie Cooper (Hales)

I thought everyone might find this amusing. When I told my kids about the reunion, I have a son who said you got a swag bag? What was in it? I told him what was in it he said " oh I thought maybe they would put things in in like Ben Gay, vitamins, Metamucil." I thought I'd die laughing. 

07/22/23 09:45 PM #536    


Richard Cope

First and foremost I wanted to thank everyone that had a hand in planning the 50th reunion events. I think it was the most fun I've had at a reunion. I moved to Fort Worth late and didn't attend public school until my sophmore year at Heights, so I didn't have lifelong friendship like many of you have. But I must say, I was made to feel welcome and made many good friends in my 3 years at Heights. I never moved back to Fort Worth as my job kept me mainly in Houston, but I have always enjoyed my visits to the area and catching up with old friends from our class, as well as the classes of 72 and 74. Thanks again and let's do a 55th. 



07/23/23 06:37 PM #537    


Anne Adele Szablowski (Robillard)

Just LOVE IT that almost a month after our 50th Reunion, the accolades keep coming it! 

It was a blast being on the Reunion Committee, yet the surprises kept coming even for the committee members as the party favors, cheerleaders and FIREWORKS blew us away! 

Many thanks to our committee and our fabulous classmate donors who said they wanted to pitch in so that we could have a fabulous Reunion that wouldn't be cost prohibitive for anyone! Ya'll ROCK! 

Jackets Fight and FEVER, WOW! Forever~!! Anne

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