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2017 Reunion Working Commitees

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Communications & Connections 

Responsible for E-blast announcements, website, locating (sleuthing) and connecting with classmates. 

Co-Chairs: Ann (Collins) Florsheim, Judy (Thompson) Sebesta

Committee: Robert Pickett, Culver Wilson


Responsible for decorating ideas, themes and implementation for Friday and Saturday events.

Chair: Karen Boswell Steffler, Donna Wood

Committee: Ann Wright Pappas, Karen Boswell Steffler, Kathy Pokluda, Gayle Austin, Judy Thompson Sebesta, Diana McDowell


Responsible for the budget, collection, processing and accounting for all donations and/or payments for event tickets and other expenses.

Chair: Cathy Ryan

Committee: James Taylor, Mary Mac Elliott, Judy Thompson Sebesta



Responsible for planning and implementation of the entertainment and programs associated with the reunion events. 

Co-Chairs: Donna Wood, Leslie Milan Johnson

Committee: Mary Mac Elliott, John Loudermilk, Judy Thompson Sebesta, Susan Toby Hibbs, Dale Markland, Gary Hamilton, Randy Bechtel, Joan Blaine Runnion



Responsible for printed nametags and registration tables for the reunion events, including, attendee lists and pay-at-the-door attendees.

Co-Chairs: Judy Thompson Sebesta, Ann Collins Florsheim

Committee: Kathy Foster Walker, John Loudermilk, Mary Mac Elliott, Gerry Matthews, Robert Pickett, Ann Wright Pappas, Randy Bechtel, Donna Asa Sollima



Responsible for locating, securing and contracting with the event venues for the reunion events. 

Mira Vista Chair:  Leslie Milan Johnson

Ridglea Theater Chair: Janie Michero Christie

Committee: Karen Steffler, Mary Mac Elliott, Don Cooper


General Support

Attended Planning Commitee meetings to provide support as needed, where needed.

Committee: Buddy Hudgins, Shannon Brooks Haley, Pam Wilson Wise, Sally Clark Adamson, Bill Belz, Craig Bender, Brad Broyles, Mac Churchill, Jim Harse, Kerry Harvey, John Hayden, Suzanne Haynes Hickman, Susan Howell Irvin, James Matthews, Diana Cox McDowell, Richard Neece, Toni Paschal, Chrissie Pickett (Honorary), David Thornton, Kathy Foster Walker, Sue Nuckols Zwick, Ben Hall