AT&T Fiber Optic Internet Survey

Callaway Woods residents have expressed numerous complaints about their current ISP (internet service provider), specifically Mediacom. The only other options residents currently have are DSL (limited availability) and satellite internet (costly). We have contacted AT&T to inquire if they would be willing to run fiber optic cable in Callaway Woods. 

Internet from Mediacom, which appears to be the primary ISP in Callaway Woods, is through coax cable. Fiber optic technology, which AT&T would offer, is much faster and more reliable. It also would eliminate the problems neighbors are experiencing with the limited bandwidth offered by Mediacom cable. This became most obvious during the pandemic, with many residents working from home. The difference between cable and fiber is cable is sent over copper TV lines, while fiber is made of plastic and designed specifically for internet service. Fiber provides high-bandwidth connections up to 1,000 Mbps download and upload speed.

In order to be considered for the installation of fiber optic in Callaway Woods, we need to determine how many residents would be interested in changing from their current internet service to fiber optic internet from AT&T. Introductory pricing would likely be very attractive, and pricing already in existence in other areas that they service is competitive. Service “bundles” (Internet, TV, phone) are even more competitively priced.

To be considered for AT&T to install fiber optic lines, we will need a majority of the residents to express an interest in replacing their current internet service with AT&T’s fiber optic internet.

Responding to this survey does not obligate you to change your current service.

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