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•   Bill Stoops  2/10
•   Dixie Morton (Cooper)  10/29
•   Brad Unroe  6/13
•   Janice Gregg (Lyle)  3/21
•   Karen Lungren (Smith)  3/1
•   Katy Kram (Kram)  10/2
•   Dion Loveless  9/24
•   Jay Kelley  7/20
•   Tom Dunham  7/15
•   Marlene Hutchison (Brant)  4/20
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•   Nancy Smith (Mathews)  3/13
•   Annabelle Weaver (Smith)  3/14
•   Kaye Loveless (Kingma)  3/17
•   Ronnie Lappin  3/18
•   Clinton Faust  3/23
•   Bob Martin  3/24
•   Tom Dunham  3/25
•   Pam Hodge (Davis)  3/25


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 46.3%

A:   56   Joined
B:   65   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)

Frankfort Indiana Senior High School
Class Of 1959

Welcome to the Frankfort Indiana Class of 1959 Web Site


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    Linda Parker (Rothrock)      
    Janice White (Clouser)      
    John Beacham      
    Stan Adcock      
    Jerry Ray    


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1955 -administrator, Lynda Clark Laughner

1957 -administrator, Bill Stoops 
1958 -administrator, Bill Stoops
1960 -administrator, Lynda Clark Laughner


 Thanks to Lynda Clark Laughner

"All hail to dear ole Frankfort, to the blue and the white that floats upon the breeze.

 All hail to dear ole Frankfort, and all her happy memories.

Three cheers to dear ole Frankfort, and may her glory never, never die.Long may we love her, our Alma Mater, Frankfort High"


 We all took different paths....

But every dirt road we’ve walked will lead us back to the friends that knew us best.

The ones that will help you up & slap the dust off,without being asked.
~ T. Warne