60th Reunion - Class of 1957

The Frank L Ashley High School Class of 1957 it's 60th Reunion at Rankin Lake Park in Gastonia on May 8, 2017.  There were approximately 143 people in attendance at a "meet, greet, and renew friendships" from long ago, with a short program masterfully orchestrated by Gene Davis and Nancy Bell Holland Lewis.  The program was followed by a catered barbecue meal - delivered by SMS Catering of Charlotte, NC and one of the servers was Robert "Bob" Freeman himself, owner and proprietor of what is now one of the largest catering services in the State.  Mr. Freeman and David Jordan, coordinator of the event, have been close friends for more than 40 years - having met when Freeman lived in Hendersonville and Jordan lived in Ashville back in the 1960's.

Unexpected for this time of the year, the weather turned very cold, blustery and windy - and while the program proceded in the shelters, it rained - but as the program wound up, the rain stopped and the barbecue was served.

Amazingly many members traveled great distances to be at this event.  Probably taking the prize for making the longest trip was Mary Helen Helton (Badger) - traveling more than 2,000 miles from Arizona to be with us. Quinn Petrey and wife, Terrilee, came from Cleveland, OH, and Dave Chant from Milford, PA made the trip as well as strong contingents from Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, etc.  Think, also, of the commitment by Dave Chant - who only attended Ashley for his senior year to have such a devotion and commitment to our class.  Of course, Dave not only was a class act (and still is), but the tallest member of our class - and great athelete.

Tribute was made to the beloved Esther Adams Hunnicutt, the coordinator of previous reunions.  Esther had suffered an accident several weeks ago, but recovered well enough to attend this event, but also drove her own car and walked unassisted - looking very healthy. Everyone was quite happy to see her. 

Not enough can be said for the work done by Gene Davis, Nancy Bell Lewis, Bill and Loretta Forbes, Kay and Jim Brown, Marshall and Dottie LaFar, John Stewart and Elizabeth - all who helped and contributed.

Esther Adams Hunnicutt, looking great - and David Jordan - and we will be posting more pictures as they come in and are received.  Keep and eye on this page.


The Class of ’57 – Lyrics by Gene Davis – adapted from Statler Brother’s


1.      Tommy went to law school, then sold beer instead,

2.      Libby married a millionaire, they both made lots of bread.

3.      Sayers became a doctor just, like we knew he would

4.      Lance became a preacher, just like we knew he should.


1.      Doug made City Council,

2.      While Porter was the Mayor,

3.      Delores and Kay shared business,

4.      “No- hit” Gibson was quite a player

5.      Martha went into nursing,           

6.      Ina Jean did too,

7.      Wives became good golfers, especially Tommy Sue.


And the class of 57 had its dreams.


We all thought we’d change the world  

With our great works and deeds. 

Or maybe we just thought

the world would change to fit our needs


And the class of 57 had its dreams




1.      Marshal went to law school and actually practiced law,

2.      Johnny sold some cotton, just like his good old paw

3.      Winecoff sells insurance and is quoted take a look

4.      To quote all of David’s Jordan’s deeds, we need a bigger book

1.      Esther planned reunions so many times it seems

2.      Becky was our Princess and Lane our Regal Queen

3.      Nancy married Rudy, Rachel married me

4.      The Class of ’57 is just a part of history


And the class of 57 has our dreams

We have kids and great grand kids 

And this is what we need. 

For God to really bless our land

and keep our grandkids free

So they may reach potential,

as they full fill their dreams.


Following is a song adaptation by John Robert "Buddy" Hatcher - along with a tenor saxaphone rift


by Buddy Hatcher

(To the tune of "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?" sung by
Louis Armstrong)

Do you know what it means to miss the Ashley green
And miss it each night and day?

I may be wrong, but the feeling's gettin' stronger
The longer
I stay away.

Miss those sweet little girls with their cute little curls
And guys with their flat-top crews.

I'd like to thank all those wonderful, great teachers
For taking care of me and you.


Do you remember that REGAL ENCORE with tons of talent, oh, so fine?
Like Sally's opera singing and fair-haired Bobby's piano, oh, my, my!
Yes, we know what
it means to miss the Ashley green

There's not much more left to say.

1. Except to tell you true, it's great fun being here with you.
Ashley '57, we love you!


2. Except to give a cheer to David, oh, so dear,