Photos of 20th Reunion

Here are some photos of the 20th reunion! Hopefully you'll be able to see this PDF.

They start out at the Homecoming parade on Friday. Rainy and cold...we had a poor showing for our class but it was tons of fun! The only participants were Sandy Koster, Mark Salis, myself (Kiera Cunnigham Pohl) and my son. Thanks to Sandy (Koster) Robey for the use of her monster truck! 

More rain at the football game. People did go and watch Geneva win by a crazy amount. I really wish I had my camera at the Friday night gathering at Old Towne, because there ere a lot of people there...from other classes as was a great time! 

Saturday started with the tour of the high school...huge in comparison to what we remember. There's a lot of new stuff...and some of the same...they still have "all day detention study hall" for instance.

The family picnic was also too rainy and cold for most people to attend. I heard that the only people there were DeeDee (Anderson) Mehren with her girls..shivering and eating PB&J sandwiches until Jenny (Backstrom) Wiseman showed up with her family and they called it a day and went to the Mehren house to warm up.

Saturday night at Urban Grille is where most of the pictures were taken. We were there until 2AM and there was plenty of chatting drinking and dancing. Lots of unexpected people showed up which was nice to see! 

I did get a call from my cousin who went to the St. Charles class of 89 reunion the same night...she ran into Brian Carney (our Homecoming King) who said he wasn't invited to our reunion. Bummer Brain couldn't be with us, but we couldn't find him! His wife went to St. Charles High School though, so he probably would have gone to that reunion anyway.

It was so great to see everybody! Hope all who came enjoyed themselves!!