This Website is Ugly

For those who would have liked a more attractive design for this site, I'd just like to too.

I'm a graphic designer and I really appreciate a nice looking website, but web design isn't my area of expertise. I'm more of a print person. I could have designed the heck out of a print invitation to the reunion, but it seems more likely we'll get ahold of more people this way.

I actually did design a site that I thought looked decent, but I didn't have the knowledge to make it have the functionality of this site. If I had more time, I could have probably worked it all out, but I'm too busy chasing my little ones.

I know there must be other design people in our class who could have done a better job making this look nice, but the job fell to me  and I'm doing what I can with it.

Maybe next reunion we'll have a more visually stimulating site...or completely different technology.

Anyway, my apologies for the ugly.

Your humble web admin,

Kiera Cunningham Pohl