Your Reunion Website


This page contains information about our website and the safety of using it.  I know it is of concern and we chose this mechanism because of the safety they provide.  Below are some answers to questions I had and you may have as well.  I'll include more as I get more questions from you.


Questions About Advertising and Solicitations

  1. Will you display advertising on my site?

    Answer: Unlike other systems, the idea behind Class Creator is to keep sites clean, professional, and uncluttered. We do not inject any advertising of any kind into class web sites. It is strictly against our policy. If a Classmate is seeing a popup ad, the ad has nothing to do with the Class Creator system. Most likely the Classmate has inadvertently installed some type of "spyware" that is launching these ads while browsing your class web site. If a Classmate need help solving issues like this, there are many tools online such as PC Pitstop that will scan his or her computer free and reveal if there are any problems plaguing the system. You can have full assurance that Class Creator does not, and will not in the future place any advertising or pop up ads on your web site.

  2. Will you send unsolicited emails to my Classmates?

    Answer: The only person we will ever email is you, the Site Administrators. We'll only mail you when we have something important to say, such as announcing a new feature of Class Creator. We will never send you spam email or solicitations of any kind that do not pertain to Class Creator.

  3. Do you rent, sell, or in any way profit from having my Classmates' names and personal information?

    Answer: No. We do not engage in renting or selling your Classmates' information, or any form of solicitation regarding your Classmates whatsoever. You can have the utmost confidence that your Classmates' information is held strictly confidential.

  4. I read in your FAQs that you don't rent or sell my Classmates' personal information, but how can I know that you really don't? (Yes, we really get this question...)

    Answer: You're going to have to trust us. We do not rent, sell, or profit from your Classmates' personal information in any way. Really. Classmate information such as email address, physical address, and phone number is also never displayed on your web site. It is 100% safe from being indexed by search engines as well. We do not, nor will we ever, do anything that would allow anyone to obtain your Classmate information. That's about as clear as we can make it.