Flashback to 1988

Flashback to 1988

In 1988 Oprah's body got smaller, but her hair got bigger. 

Plus check out all hair do's in the audience.

In Television:

 The Cosby show was rated #1, and Roseanne was #2. Oustanding Drama Series Emmy went to LA Law.

The Top 40 Rock Songs of the year included the number one song of the entire year by Steve Winwood (Roll With It), and songs by R.E.M., Robert Plant, U2, David Lee Roth, Van Halen, Robert Palmer, Aerosmith, INXS, Robert Plant, Bruce Hornsby And The Range, the Smithereens, Eric Clapton, John Cougar Mellencamp, Def Leppard, David Lee Roth, Eddie Money, Boni Jovi, Def Leppard, George Harrison, Traveling Willburys, Pat Benatar and Midnight Oil. Other mentionables are Record of the Year - Graceland, by Paul Simon; Album of the Year - Joshua Tree, by U2.

 It was a great year for Movies as well.  The Oscar went to Rain Man.  It also won the little gold statues for Dustin Hoffman, Best Actor and Barry Levinson, Director.  Best Actress went to Jodi Foster in The Accused.  Other popular movies were Mississippi Burning, A Fish Called Wanda and Bull Durham.

Miss America - Kaye Lani Rae Rafko from Michigan

Events - 98% of US households have atleast one television set.  CD's outsell vinyl records for the first time.  And Ted Turner starts Turner Network Television (TNT) and buys MGM's film library.

Deaths - Roy Orbison


Chet Baker

Luis Alvarez (1911-1988), American scientist. He won the 1968 Nobel Prize in physics for developing the liquid hydrogen bubble-chamber, with which he found atomic particles produced by high-energy nuclear events.  Also passing were Edgar Jean Faure and Nora Asotrga.

Science - France and China permit use of "morning-after" birth-control drug RU486 (Mifepristone), and NASA scientist James Hansen warns congress of the dangers of the global warming and the greenhouse effect.


Super Bowl - Washington d. Denver (42-10) 

World Series - LA Dogers d. Oakland A's (4-1)

NBA Championship - LA Lakers d. Detroit Pistons (4-3) 

Stanley Cup - Edmonton d. Boston (4-0) 

Wimbledon - Women : Steffi Graf d. Navratilova (5-7 6-2 6-1) Men: Stefan Edberg d B. Becker (4-6 7-6 6-4 6-2)

Kentucky Derby - Winning Colors 

NCAA Basketball - Kanasas d. Oklahoma ( 83-79) 

NCAA Football Championship - Norte Dame (12-0-0) Go Irish!

1988 Masters Champion - Sandy Lyle  he was the first British golfer to become US Masters Champion. He remains the only European to become the US Players Champion. He has ... won the British Open and has been a successful member of five consecutive Ryder Cup teams.

US Events -Robert McFarlane, former National Security Adviser, pleads guilty in Iran-Contrac Case. ~  US Navyship shoots down Iranian airliner in Persian Gulf, mistaking it for a jet fighter; 290 killed (July 3) ~ Democratic convention nominates Gov. Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts for President and Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen for Vice President. ~  Republicans sweep 40 states in election, and Bush beats Dukakis.

Rebulican convention nominates George Bush for President and Indiana Sentor Dan Quayle for Vice President.

World Events - US and Canada reach free trade agreement ~ Terrorist kill nine tourist on Aegan cruise ~ Benazir Bhutto first Islamic woman prime minister, chosen to lead Pakistan (Dec 1, 1988). She was recently just assissinated (Dec 2007).

Pan-AM 747 explodes from terrorist bomb and crashes in Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 259 aboard and 11 on ground (Dec 21).

Peugeot 405 (1988-1997) Voted Car of the Year in 1988, the 405 died in the UK back in 1996, but it continues to be produced in Egypt and Iran; buyers there don't care too much about cup holders. 3,461,800 sold.

1n 1970 when most of us were born the 10 most popular baby names were: Michael, James, David, John, Robert, Chistopher, William, Brian, Mark & Richard.  For the girls it went like this:  Jennifer, Lisa, Kimberly, Michelle, Amy, Anglea, Melissa, Tammy, Mary and Tracy.