In Memory

Roger Krogh

Born -  April 11, 1942

Died - November 18, 2008

Roger and Alice Kay - Wedding Day

left to right: unknown, Roger Krogh, Alice Kay Reimers (Krogh), Pat Goza (Reitz)

In their bios for our reunions, Roger and Alice Kay reported the following:

10-Year Reunion (1970)

“We live at 357 S. Lake Street, Grayslake.  Another minority pair who married on April 4, 1961.  We have two children, Roger (8yrs.) and Kevin (51/2 yrs.).  Rog is employed as an Auto Mechanic at a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership.  He served two years with the U.S. Navy CBs.  Our hobby is boating and all related activities.”  Alice co-chaired the committee for this reunion with Larry Leafblad.

20-Year Reunion (1980)

“Roger and Alice live at 991 E. US 60, Apache Jct., Arizona.  Roger and Alice are Co-Owners/Managers of a Gas Station and Auto A/C.  They have two boys, Roger and Kevin.  Education: High School was enough!  Hobby: Boating and Travel all over.  Experiences: life!”

25-Year Reunion (1985)

Address changed to 39477 Parkway, Antioch

Kosh Note:  Sometime between 1980 and 1985 Roger and Alice moved back to Illinois and bought a house with acreage and access to Petite Lake.  This is the home they both loved and passed away in, surrounded by their beloved miniature dashunds.  In my last visit with Roger, we were talking about high school activities.  Roger told me that he and Alice Kay were in Kessinger’s band and that he played the saxophone.  Perhaps some of you “band folks” have memories of Alice Kay and Roger that you would like to share.  If so, click on either name in our “In Memory” page, click on “Post Comment” and put in your memory.

Source=Obituary published 11/20/2008 in the Daily Herald.