In Memory

Doug Ingram

Doug passed away today, January 21, 2018. He had an accident on his scooter about 3 weeks ago. He was a friend to us all. 

Dave Grayson

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01/22/18 01:53 AM #1    

Charles Henderson

Doug and I were good friends in highschool although I haven't seen him since our graduation in 1962. Doug was an affable, nonassuming person with a gentle personalily and a pleasant smile. I thought he was a person who would make a great life for himself. Although not having seen him since our younger days, I miss him; and his close friends will also certainly miss him even more. God in creating man and the gigantic variety of our species, made something incredibly wonderful in the universe. With all of our varieties in looks, personalities, and so much more, I know He was joyous over His highest pinnacle of creation.

With that being said, it would be tragic if all the talent and wonder of the individual person were to pass away with no fanfare. And, as a Christian, I don't believe that will happen. I believe that we will all meet on a distant, inigmatic shore with full knowledge of each other, as well as a depth of love and apprreciation only dimly hinted at here in this realm. Therefore, so long, Doug, my friend, and so long all of our other classmates who have taken their grand flight at God's expense to a habitation without pain and suffering, a habitation with unlimited creativity and ability.

For a short time, with regard to our experience, we will be parted; but in your relative time, friends, we will all instantly arrive on that shore, before God; at the same momentt as though we were never separated. God, the master of time, will see to it that we all arrive, seemlessly, in His presence, at one single moment of the tick of the clock, although divided by even decades on Earth.. In His presence we will never have experienced any sense of separation. Because in God there is no time, no passing of years, the pssing of time will have been erased, and with that our own experience of such passage. .

See ya soon, my old friends.



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