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Dianne Clow Robertson

Dianne Clow
Residing In Menahga, MN USA

I've ALWAYS been a student because there is so much I want to know. Sailors in the Newport Naval Hospital (1963) told me that I wasn't "mean enough" to become an RN (and I noticed how quickly the really good nurses went into administration) so I decided to be the country's smartest Nursing Assistant----you know, just as long as it doesn't add up to an RN! So in addition to having kids and step-kids and foster-kids and sponsored-kids ,I've become a Historian, Philosopher,Psychologist,Physiologist, Philanthropist, Librarian and writer. My greatest pleasure has been being able to advocate for a wide range of people.I worked as a nursing assistant with Alzheimer's before they called it Alzheimers And in Coronary Intensive Care in a major Minneapolis hospitalwhere we pioneered angiogramsand stints. I helped start assisted living, homecare and Hospice Care in the Twin Cities.When my husband retired we moved back to his ancestrial neighborhood in Northern Minnesota.where I remain. I've been widowed three times--twice in the last 15 years. I've very much enjoyed my grief group which we started in 2000.We meet monthly for lunch yet and e-mail stuff back and forth often. I was the "Auntie" for my Pakastani Doctor's toddlers with the goal of having well behaved, American- English- speaking, silverware using,sharing,finger painting kindergarteners by the time they got to kindergarten. Hamza and Alina Zara Often call from the BIG CITY. I wrote the vouching letters for their Grandparent's Citizenship Papers.I studied the Bible with the Grandma and Koran with the Grandpa. I've lived in a lovely assisted living for the last 6-7 years. Our 37 apartment building ajoins the town nursing home which pretty much acts as the community center since EVERYONE here is inter-related. Menahga (which means Blueberrys ) has about 1500 citizens, mostly Finnish in heritage. I love the opportunity to help with all sorts of things. Since I drive , we make lots of trips to near-by Park Rapids for Doctor's appointments,Walmart or second hand store shopping, or ,the perennial favorite EATING OUT. I have a fertile Mission Field and a Hot underground of DEMOCRATS! I was recently selected PRECINCT CHAIRMAN! and get to be an ELECTION JUDGE!! Life is an AMAZING ADVENTURE.

School Story

My homelife was difficult. I spent a lot of time in school pretending I knew what I was doing. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Mr Safransky's History classes---because I LOVE HISTORY and because MOST OF THE BASKETBALL TEAM was in that class. Ms Cogar probably saved my life with "confidence lessons " and Public Speaking which I've used Daily.Miss Williams SAID we'd use Latin. Now, I find ROOT-WORDS Everywhere! Algebra2 was horrible for me because I couldn't take my eyes off Mr Hall's(?) one blue eye and one brown eye. Bill Hoff(?) who sat in front of me across the aisle taught me how to snap my fingers during LOGORYTHMNS. But Geometry's Mr Guise's(?) meter stick REALLY got my attention. When he brought that ruler down across my desk I must have bounced off the ceiling! Scared the daylights outa me!! Remember the Fetal pigs in Physiology? YUCK! They smelled. I DID learn where the SPLEEN is BUT PETA would revoke my membership if they KNEW How I LEARNED.