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06/27/08 11:43 AM #1    


Colleen Magee (Grim)



09/08/08 05:22 AM #2    

Michael Alves

You guys have done a great job,cant wait to see all the old farts lol.Everyone you really need to make this reunion before we get so old we won't recognize each other god bless and keep it real.

09/12/08 10:03 PM #3    

John S. Vieira

Thanks for the link! Looks like you did some great work to get the website setup. It looks really good! I will be entering my profile soon and I look forward to our 30 year reunion.
John S. Vieira

09/30/08 08:55 PM #4    

Christine McDonnell (Soares)

Hey Colleen!!
What a great job you have done! Hope to be at the next meeting. Can't wait to see everyone.. I can't believe 30 years.. Wasn't it just yesterday:)

10/29/08 05:11 PM #5    

Bill Sharp (Sharp)

About the Reunion:

They have all been great, thank you for your dedication to the planning process.

I have only one thought......the time after dinner is great for talking and catching up with old friends......choose music and Volume (Loudness) with this in mind.

Those who wish to dance can do so even if music not too loud.

OR ........ Provide seperate space for old fogies such as myself to save my hearing and allow for conversation.

Greetings and Best Wishes to all.

Bill Sharp

11/02/08 11:58 AM #6    


Colleen Magee (Grim)

I totally agree, my husband & I were talking about that. At his 30th reunion last spring, alot of people wanted to leave when the music began. Everyone was much more interested in catching up and talking than in dancing. I'm all for a separate area, or just having background music...

11/03/08 07:49 PM #7    

Tina Domingos (Lopes)

The music will be provided by a D.J. from C & H Productions and they will do whatever we wish. So please, do not hesitate to request songs or ask them to turn the volume down. I am sure there will be a place to hang out in a separate area away from the music as well. We want to try to please everyone! :-)

Tina Lopes

11/08/08 07:45 AM #8    

Martin Martinez

It would be nice if the band would play songs from our high school years like the Saturday Night Fever and Grease songs.Actually I crewed a production of Grease at Good Company players two years ago so Iwould be in heaven if those songs were played.

11/17/08 03:25 PM #9    

Eric Taylor

OMG- I am glad to finally get in touch w/my class1979 you know we are the best by far.
does anyone know where Kim Henderson is.
anyone out there that remembers me email me at
I afraid those years at school i was in a drug comatose lol

12/08/08 05:14 PM #10    

Martin Martinez

Merry Christmas everyone and it is great to get in touch with all of you.It is great to hear what everyone has been doing since High School.

12/28/08 06:56 AM #11    

Martin Martinez

Happy New Year everybody and once again it has been great being in touch with all of you who have profiles.I look forward to seeing all of you at the Reunion.

01/04/09 02:23 AM #12    

Alicia Atsma (Dance)

Happy New Year to everyone! This website is fantastic! Thanks to the committee, who've obviously worked hard on the plans for our 30th reunion. I'd like to second Bill Sharp's idea that we either have a comfortable space in which people can actually hear each other talk, or at least keep the volume down if we must have music. I know that several of us talked about this (or tried to) at the last reunion, and very few people tend to dance. I also agree with Martin Martinez that it would be more fun hearing the music of our high school years than more current stuff. Could we not simply have a bunch of 70s mix CDs playing, rather than a band? It would cost less, and probably be more entertaining.

02/27/09 09:08 PM #13    

Cathy Clardy (Marziali)

Hey everyone,
This has been so much fun to reconnect with so many people. Thanks Colleen for doing this!!!

I am so disappointed that I will not be able to make it to the reunion. I have to be in California in June and just cannot hang out until's hard to believe that I don't have any family in Hanford anymore.

I did have an idea that could help include those of us like me who won't be able to attend the reunion. Maybe you could have a computer or computers set up with Skype and a webcam and people could connect in during a specific time period (think Oprah show)...We're living in the age of all of this wonderful technolgoy. I know it probably adds one more logistical distraction to all of the hard work that you are already putting it's just a thought :)

I may be able to get to Hanford in the second half of June if anyone is up for a pre-reunion get together.
All the best to everyone,

02/28/09 04:44 PM #14    


Colleen Magee (Grim)

Excellent idea Cathy, and one I wanted to bring to the next reunion committee meeting. We can do a type of "Meet and Confer" program on laptops and maybe even have a table set up just for that!

03/02/09 11:47 AM #15    

Jennifer Pope (Schraa)

Hi everyone! Thankyou to all who have made this wed site happen. You are much appreciated.Good thing I still have a wonderful friend named Cathy to imform me of reunion happenings. See you at the next reunion meeting. Luv, Jennifer Schraa

03/02/09 01:27 PM #16    

Cyndy Neill (Swift)


I too think this is a GREAT!!!! Idea. With the size of our class someone has to be the computer pro so that we can make this happen. It would be great to be able to do a group thing that night.

I agree, Colleen, we need to discuss this at the meeting. Will you be able to be there? Hope so.


03/02/09 01:29 PM #17    

Cyndy Neill (Swift)

Hey all you Monroe Mustangs,

Does anyone remember a girl by the name of Kim Still? I think she was in school with us 1st - 3rd. If so, does anyone know how to get in touch with her?

Thanks for the info.

03/12/09 08:35 PM #18    


Neil Bumgarner

Hi All! I just signed up last night, and have reconnected with at least 5 young and vibrant classmates from yester-years. You have done a great job with this site, thank you! The 25 year reunion was great. I lived much closer than I do now, but will try and see what I can do. Love you all!

03/15/09 07:11 PM #19    

Debra Berry (Kamka)

Colleen, you've done a fabulous job on getting so many of us in touch with each other. I can't wait to see everyone at the reunion. Deb

10/24/13 10:22 AM #20    


Colleen Magee (Grim)

First 35th Reunion Planning Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5th, 2013, 6:30pm in the banquet room at La Fiesta Restaurant in Hanford.  Everyone welcome, the "Committee" is US!!!

07/12/14 01:29 PM #21    


Tim Young

all is good...god is great...amen.

09/18/14 10:25 PM #22    


Neil Bumgarner

So Happy to see everyone in Oct, Reunion 35 is around the corner. Thanks to all you on the commitee, for all your hard work. I'm sure it will be perfect. Sounds like after talking to one of the Dream Team, they're also having a reunion celebration. What an Awesome time to be in town with everyone. So far sounds like Thursday night (Bullpup) Football. Applebee's is the place to be Sat. for lunch/brunch. Friday night, a few places were mentioned. Maybe a barn fire at the Rain Wow! What stories come to mind. I'm such a kid again. Hope your all making plans. This will also be the first time my brother Lewis and I will be in town together in many years. Love all the pics and posts. Catch me on fb, and I hope we can once again join one another for an Amazing time of Celebration and Memories.

Love you all!


06/06/18 04:50 PM #23    

Greg Creson

I heard some sad news this morning and wanted to confirm or deny. I heard Gary Bobo and Ricky Alvardo had both passed away. If so does anyone have any information regarding funeral services? Greg Creson





06/08/18 04:39 PM #24    

Martin Martinez

The memorial for Gary Bobo is June 19th  at Howard Chapel. at 11 A.M. I believe. Please correct me if I got the date and time wrong.

06/12/18 06:29 PM #25    

Jana Coon (Holmstrup)

The date and time for Garry's service is correct.  Thank you, Martin.  I posted his obituary today. 

Also received a second notice from Rick Alvarado's niece that he passed away on May 29th.  A memorial service is unknown at this time and I will send an update when I hear back from them.

This is such sad news and breaks my heart.  Glad we have the sweet memories that bring us smiles!  Love to you all - hug a friend and take care of your health!  xoxo

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