Judy Sozinho Richmond

Profile Updated: August 26, 2014
Spouse: Paul
My updated life:-) (Leave the year of update...keep the old & leave the new!!!)

. . . enjoying life, working hard, & having fun. Wonderful time of my life: Kids grown, parents healthy, fabulous mate, great job, not too old to enjoy all the above.

How I ended up in Hanford:

Adopted in 1961 by John & Emily who lived in Hanford and were/are the best parents ever.

Favorite HUHS teacher?

This wasn't a high school teacher, but a classmate who was later my teacher. EDDIE BITTNER was my statistics teacher when I was working on my bachelor's degree in about 2004 & I got a 'B'! I was devastated. Eddie gave me 'B' and messed up my 4.0. Edddiiiiieeeee! (I probably deserved a 'C'.) It was really cool, though.

"Random" High School Memory...

First rainy day of my freshman year. Got wiped out walking home down Kensington along the chain-link fencing. Those upper classmen must have been just waiting for the first rainy day to get us suckers.

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This my wonderful family: Husband, Paul, and my kids Marissa(19), John(25), and Megan(24).