Ed Trickett Sings Folk Songs


Ed Trickett, '63, started singing folk songs before he arrived at Trinity, sang in various groups and at many gatherings while at Trinity and in QED, and then gave two concerts in Mather Hall shortly after he graduated.  In 1964, Ed joined a group of friends to record an album entitled the Golden Ring, a collection of traditional folk songs on the Folk Legacy label. 

Ed has been performing around the country and recording folk music ever since, on his own and with others.  These 14 songs (included with Ed's permission) are from three of Ed’s solo CDs:  The Telling Takes Me Home (Folk Legacy CD-46, 2002), Echo on the Evening Tide (Azalea City Recordings, 1999) and People Like You (Folk Legacy CD-92, 2002).  Ed also can be heard on multiple other Folk Legacy vinyl records and CDs, most often singing with Gordon Bok and Ann Mayo Muir (the former wife of former Trinity Dean Howie Muir) and on several other Golden Ring albums with many others. 

Don Stevens, reviewer for www.allmusic.com, says: “Ed is known as a ‘song interpreter’…. He looks for the hidden truths in songs, and sings them to us in a manner that gives us a new meaning to old songs. Usually playing guitar, and singing in a very gentle manner, Ed is also an accomplished piano player. He doesn't consider himself as a "professional" musician, but he is indeed a professional in every sense of the word. The songs he has recorded alone, with Anne Mayo Muir and Gordon Bok, and with other artists are some of the most beautiful ever recorded.”  

Ed also has a day job, but let him tell you about that in his profile. Or, you can read an interview with Ed by Bill Cohen in The Columbus Folk Music Society’s A Different Strummer, April 2013.